Health in your hands

Health in your hands

Health in your hands

FINGER TIPS Did you know that techniques as simple as practising a mudra
will keep illnesses in check? They’re simple to learn and adopt. What’s more, they even promote good mental health, writes I J Saldanha-Shet

Practising hasta mudras is symbolic of the fact that well-being is in your hands. Indeed, it is. The health of the body and mind as per ancient thinking is in our control to a great extent.

Electromagnetic forces dormant in the fingers are prime means to regulate the body and mind for a balanced and healthy human being.

Hasta mudras are sourced from ancient Indian philosophies and formulae and are widely used in yoga and natya (Indian dance), too. Results of mudras have proven to be relaxing, balancing the basic elements that keep one healthy and happy in life.

Regular practice of basic mudras are known to build a holistic, healthy, enthusiastic, comfortable and virtuous life.

There is scientific evidence that the current alterations in global weather patterns are giving rise to what is termed as “climate conflicts” in humans, putting pressure on mental control and peace to cause abnormal behaviour and unknown diseases that medicine is unable to tackle effectively.

The science
Mudras are a simpler part of yoga and nature. The magnetic energy from the body mainly radiates through the tips of the nose, lips, fingers and toes. When the thumb comes in contact with the other fingers, energy is directed back to balance, restoring and regenerating various parts of our body. This could be termed ‘circuit resurgence’.

Mudras are the manipulation of our inner forces through vital contact points and help in restoring good energy and wellness. In the Tantra Shastra, mudra is defined as ‘one which gives happiness’. Mudras are part of yoga, in which they are referred to as hasta mudra, as they use only the hands. Hasta means hand.

The five fingers represent five basic elements (tatvas). Thumb represents fire, index finger represents air, middle finger represents space, ring finger represents earth and the little finger, water. Every human being is made up of these five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space.

When these bodily elements are disturbed and unbalanced, various physical and psychological ailments surface.

The fire element is quite important. When it is weak, various ailments
affect the human body. Joining the fire element (thumb) with other elements (other fingers) vitalises the other elements to a balance by the means of hasta mudras.

Systematically regulated by hasta mudras, with the correct positioning for prescribed periods, the fingers of the hand can rejuvenate the body, heal illness and help in spiritual awakening.

The five elements in the body of humans are easily disturbed, mainly by diet, lifestyle, stress and more. In order to create and maintain a desirable equilibrium in the body and mind, mudras are effective and valuable tools gifted by nature to regularly develop vibrant health.

Many popular books about this practice are easily available. All you need is a good book and if possible, a knowledgeable person to guide you. Your understanding of the practice will only get better with time.

The practice
There are many mudras. Let me just brief you about a few basic developmental
mudras: Jnana mudras (mudras of Wisdom) are for better control of mind, brain power, memory and peace. You can do this by joining together the tips of the thumb and index finger. Prithvi, Apana, Prana, Dhyana, Shoonya Vayu are few other basic mudras you can practise.

It is amazing how even dreaded ailments like diabetes, heart and kidney problems can be controlled with correct practice of therapeutic mudras. Different vitamins too can be generated in the body through the Prana mudra.

One can also chant prayers as per practices of different faiths or meditate accordingly. Many are of the opinion that certain vibrations can actually be felt when specific mudras are performed regularly and accurately.

The effectiveness and understanding develops with regular practice in individuals according to their interest and adherence. However, overperforming them must be avoided.

Mudras, except in complicated cases, need to be practised for just 10 to 15
minutes at a time and can often be split into smaller time sessions. They can be done anywhere, anytime – sitting, standing, walking, travelling, lying down and so on.

In case of children, the aged, the unconscious or the mentally challenged, rubber bands or tape can be used to keep the fingers in place. Some mudras show quick results , while others need time to show progress.

More complicated mudras have strict rules. In such cases, a knowledgeable guide can bring about better results.

Good health is the basis of virtues, dharma, wealth, desire and emancipation. For humans, hasta mudras can give power and bliss like no other. And that too, without having to undergo any painful tests and gulping down  expensive medications.