At home in the City

At home in the City

Melting pot

At home in the City

Many people from different parts of the country love to settle down in the City thanks to its cosmopolitan culture.

While there is a sea of education and job opportunities here, those who come from various states also like the pleasant weather and the people here.

   Rakesh Jain, who spent his childhood in Assam and Rajasthan, and wife Preeti, who is from Jaipur, feel at home here. The two live here with their children, Vidisha and Naksh.

Rakesh, who was born and brought up in Tinsukia, Assam, moved to Ajmer, Rajasthan during his ninth standard. “The place in Assam that I stayed had a lot of people from my caste. But I would say that I belong to a mixed culture since I’ve been to different places.” The young professional moved to Bengaluru to pursue engineering at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and stayed on to find a suitable job. “The people were very supportive and helped me adapt easily to the City,” he recollects.

Rakesh, who works with MSI Services Pvt Ltd, says that his stay in the City has been a happy affair. “I cannot imagine moving to any other place as everything about the City is appealing,” he says. The climate bowled him over and his wife Preeti agrees. “There are no second thoughts about that,” she says.

 “The people are so accepting and always ready to help,” says Preeti. Rakesh feels that they are always willing to take that extra step to make someone comfortable. “Bengalureans are the most caring and friendly people I have met in life,” he says.

    The excellent hospital services and education opportunities are an added advantage, says Rakesh. “I am glad that my kids are growing up here as Bengaluru is an educational hub. The City is the right choice for those who want to grow in life,” he vouches.

Compared to the other places that he has been to, Rakesh feels that Bengaluru is more developed. “The multi-cultural scene here impresses me. There are all sorts of organisations and businesses in the City. One can also do whatever they want here,” he says.
People at work are very professional, says Rakesh. “They are also always ready to help and guide one when required,” he says.

Rakesh doesn’t miss much about his hometown apart from his family. “One can get Rajasthani cuisine here at many places like ‘Maharaja Bhog’ and ‘Rajdhani’. Though the spice levels are different, the taste is similar,” he says. He adds that he loves the local cuisine like ‘bisi bele bath’, ‘khara bath’ and ‘idli dosa’ too.
However, Preeti says that she misses the grand celebration of festivals.
 “Be it ‘Deepavali’ or ‘Holi’, they are not celebrated as grandly here as back home. This was something that I took time to adjust to. I also miss our traditional food like ‘dal bati’,” she says.

The family hangs out at the different malls during its free time. “All the malls and places like MG Road have something new to offer,” says Rakesh.

Having stayed in different parts of the City, he says, “I haven’t experienced any language barrier. I can speak broken Kannada and also understand the language.”
Safety is a major factor for anyone and Preeti says that she feels safe here.

“In the North, women do not have that much freedom. But it’s different here. I feel very safe in the City,” she wraps up.