Men in kitchens? Yes we can!

Men in kitchens? Yes we can!

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The stereotype that men do not belong or do not enjoy being in the kitchen is one that is rapidly being beaten into nonexistence in recent times.

They say that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, some men are not waiting for a woman to come along with the map and are gladly doing it themselves.

While some are bachelors who have to learn how to cook to assuage their hunger, others are married and their way of beating stress is not fix a drink but pick up a ladle and turn their stress into an avenue, from where they can prepare something that not only inspires but also satisfies their tummy!

Yes, men who cook and do it with a smile are not a figment of your imagination, but a robust reality. From professional chefs to advertising agency honchos to even college students, it seems as though the days of men shying away from the kitchen are over. In fact some are even better than their women.
“She won’t admit it but between the two of us, I am the better cook and most nights, dinner is made by me” said Ruhmden Foning, a student at the Culinary Academy of India, when asked if his girl friend was a better cook or not.

It is not about instant noodles or getting ready-to-fry treats out of the freezer and throwing them into the microwave. Men are now starting the preparation of dishes from scratch and the results are sumptuous, to say the least.

That leaves us with the question ‘are women feeling insecure?’ “Not at all. In fact, I quite like the idea that he cooks for me from time to time. To me, it makes him a more complete person” said S Bomzon, Foning’s girlfriend.

Even married men have taken to the kitchen with great aplomb. Anghsuman Chatterjee has been working in advertising agency for almost 28 years now and has been cooking for even longer.

“I first cooked in the eighth standard, out of necessity, when my parents had gone out of town for the weekend leaving me and my younger brother at home. When my brother requested for prawn curry for dinner, I knew it was up to me to not let him down. And since then it has stuck. Even now I cook four to five times a week, regardless of whether my wife is home
or not.”