Bahuroopi: Art enthusiasts make a beeline to Rangayana

Bahuroopi: Art enthusiasts make a beeline to Rangayana

Films based on classic Shakespearean plays to be screened today

Bahuroopi: Art enthusiasts make a beeline to Rangayana

Following the grand opening to the Bahuroopi Theatre Festival at Rangayana, art enthusiasts continued to make a beeline to the venue, owing to various events being held during the day.

Apart from film festival and the plays staged, performance of folk troupes and a Yakshagana staged at Bhoomigeetha, drew crowds.

‘Janapadothsava’, also part of Bahuroopi, was inaugurated by the Chairman of Karnataka Janapada Academy, Picchalli Srinivas. Janapadothsava will be held for three days and will see performance from various folk art troupes.

On Wednesday, folk art forms such as Tamate Vaadana, Veeragase, Kangilu dance, Dollu Kunitha and folk songs were performed.

During the inaugural, Srinivas took offence to the ill treatment meted to folk art and folk artistes alike. “There is a need to preserve folk art tradition by encouraging folk artistes,” he said.

‘Hamlet’, directed by Prasanna and performed by Rangayana repertory was performed to a full house at Bhoomigeetha. Following the play, a Yakshagana act, “Papanna Vijaya Gunasundari” based on William Shakespeare’s King Lear was performed at the venue at 7 pm.  

Another play, ‘Raktha Ratri’, by Nataka Kalamithra Mandali, Ballari was screened at Kala Mandira and received an encouraging response.

Film festival
The first film screened during the day was the first part of the documentary, ‘In Search of Shakespeare’. Remaining two parts of the three part documentary will be screened on Thursday (today) and Friday, at 10.30 am.

The historical documentary, presented by Michael Wood, with dramatisation of English history and excerpts from plays written by the celebrated playwright, attracted good numbers.
‘Ran’, the magnum opus of famous Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa was the second movie to be screened.

The third film screened was ‘Othello’. The 1952 film was produced and directed by Orson Welles, one of the celebrated American filmmakers. Orson plays the lead role in the award winning movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s play which goes by the same name.

Street Plays
With street plays also being part of the theatre festival, Rangahejje troupe, performed streetplays at four locations in the city during the day. Performances were held at Dufferin Clock Tower, Gandhi Square, near K R Hospital and at Rangayana premises during the evening.

The troupe, Paraspara, is scheduled to perform street plays today.
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