State facilitating bail to surrendered Naxalite

State facilitating bail to surrendered Naxalite

Following the carrot and stick approach towards left-wing extremists, the State government is actively pursuing the release of the surrendered Naxalite Noor Zulfikar. 

While not showing any intent to withdraw cases against him, the State is likely to provide no objection for Zulfikar to get bail. This move is being seen as the government’s attempt to get more Naxalites out of the jungles and into the mainstream. 

After surrendering along with his colleague Sirimane Nagaraj, Zulfikar has been in a jail in Chikkamagaluru for the last one month. With strong indications that more Naxalites are likely to lay down arms, the government is looking to encourage them by facilitating bail to Zulfikar. 

Additional Chief Secretary (Home) S K Pattanayak said: “We are trying to encourage the bail plea of the gentleman (Zulfikar). He has already received bail in two cases, with the other (Sirimane Nagaraj) already out of jail. This will help the left wing extremists to surrender and join the mainstream.

“Even in the case of Zulfikar, we are trying to see if his release conditions can be brought under the surrender policy for Naxalites.”

While the government is keen on releasing certain Naxalites from jail, it is yet to take a decision on the demands to increase the number of Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) camps in Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada districts.

Pattanayak said the local police had sought setting up of camps in those regions, apart from the ones existing in Chikkamagaluru and Udupi districts. “But these ANF camps are meant to keep a check on the movement of Naxalites from the neighbouring states. The border districts have been seeking the camps to cut off the influx of the extremists into Karnataka. But the government is yet to take a decision in this regard,” said Pattanayak.