Nag seeks support of corporates for theatre

Nag seeks support of corporates for theatre

Nag seeks support of corporates for theatre

Corporates and industries should provide financial support to theatres and repertoires in their respective districts, said theatre person Arundathi Nag, here, on Saturday.

She was in the city to participate in Bahuroopi, Rangayana’s theatre festival on the last day. Speaking to press persons, she recalled the assistance of corporates such as Infosys and Biocon for Ranga Shankara in Bengaluru. Similarly, other industries or industrial bodies, spread across various districts, should provide assistance for the development of theatre. That is how theatre has thrived in England, she noted.

While theatre should seek assistance from such firms, they should not be afraid to speak against the corporate entities, if they are found erring. Tomorrow, if we learn that Biocon has caused harm to the people, Ranga Shankara will speak against it, she said.

She said, she was waiting for theatres to come up across the State. “At Ranga Shankara, we have proved that independent theatres can come up and thrive. Local artistes should unite to form such centers in district headquarters around the State. Ranga Shankara is ready to provide assistance to such ventures,” she said.
She said, the government should consult theatre persons, if it decides to construct a theatre. A little consultation can go a long way in improving their standards, she said.
Dream world

She said, contemporary theatre was in a ‘dream land’. “We need to get out of this dream land. Rather than enacting personal or singular plays, theatre should speak about the problems of the people. Theatre should get back to reality,” she said.She said, more repertoires should come up in the State and an eco-system of confidence should be created for budding artistes, playwrights and technicians associated with theatre.

Speaking about her late husband, actor Shankar Nag, and his association with theatre, she said, she had stopped acting with him on stage, when he became popular. “Wherever we went to perform on stage, there used to be a law and order problem. So, I stopped acting with him,” she said.

Bahuroopi national theatre festival, also came to a close during the day. The theatre festival, which showcased a melange of activites, including folk art festival, film festival and other programmes succeeded in entertaining the audience.