Blazing the track

Blazing the track

Pedal pushers

Blazing the track

Of late, a lot of Bengalureans are taking to cycling, be it to commute, as a means of fitness or for plain leisure. Be it youngsters or senior citizens, cyclists in the City say that the activity brings them joy and helps them keep fit at the same time.

One can see a number of people pedalling away in the bustle of traffic and this has given a rise to many cycling groups in the City. Dedicated cycle lanes and bicycle boutiques are some signs of development and avid cycling enthusiasts claim that cycling is not just an eco-friendly, feasible mode of transport, but also a fun one.

In fact, a number of ‘Cycle Days’ are also organised regularly in the City and provide a platform for cyclists to meet each other.

According to Srinidhi, a founding volunteer of ‘Cycle Day’, once people attend the event, they are likely to take to cycling as they learn more about the benefits of cycling. “A ‘Cycle Day’ not only popularises the activity but also encourages people to take to physical activities, gives them an opportunity to learn more about cycling and facilitates community interaction,” he informs.

The members of ‘Bangalore Cyclists Group’ showcase their love for cycling by organising regular weekday city rides and long weekend rides. They even conduct the Saturday Morning Breakfast Rides (SAMBARs) and beginner/trail events.  Says Pawan Kumar, a member, “India has always had a love affair with cycles and the new generation of bikers enjoy cycling as it is eco-friendly and helps them save fuel. Also in heavy traffic, it’s faster to move on a cycle.” The City has a conducive environment for cyclists too, he adds.

Mayank Rungta, who volunteers with ‘Ride A Cycle Foundation’, says, “Cycling is the fastest way to reach from one point to the other. It also keeps you fit. In fact, there are many cyclists like me who love to step out of Bengaluru and explore beautiful places on their cycle. My group and I have travelled from Goa to Udupi and even Manali to Ladakh.”

A number of corporates and an increasing number of women are also taking to cycling . Tejaswini, a member of ‘Unventured’, says, “Those who like cycling are conscious of living a greener and healthier lifestyle.  We have had many women who have joined us on our ‘Heritage Church Trail’, ‘The Treasures of Nandi Trail’ and the ‘Manali-Leh Trail’ during which we covered 550 km in eight days. In fact, many people who join us on these trails say that the last time they cycled was back in school!” she sums up.