Catering to all tastes

Catering to all tastes

Catering to all tastes

adventurous Aruna Prasannakumar dh photos by Kishor Kumar Bolar

She opened Sambrama Fastfood in Hanumanth Nagar around 10 years ago.
But the business was not a bed of roses. However, that did not deter Aruna. She took up catering service to bring her business on track.

“Even though my father Shrinivas Rao was in catering business, I knew little about it. When I started this eatery, I had to learn all things  myself. Initially, there was  brisk business but gradually it diminished due to competition. To make up for the losses, I started a catering service and now a major portion of my earnings come from outside catering,” says Aruna.

She didn’t close down her eatery after tasting profit in the catering service.
“This eatery has its own customers who enjoy our food. For breakfast, we offer usual South Indian items like Idli Vada, Rice Bath, Dosa and Puri. For lunch, we have a simple menu and we provide limited items,” she adds.

The eatery is also famous for the week-long Ayudha Pooja Sweet Mela, during which Aruna prepares a variety of sweets and sells them at very low prices.

“During festival time, all bakers hike their prices. Poor people cannot afford them. So, I came up with the idea of a low-price sweet mela. We prepare sweets on the spot and sell them fresh. Many people turn out to buy sweets and we sell nearly 2,000 kilos of sweets every year.”

Aruna’s catering service consists of all kinds of vegetarian cuisine like Continental, Chinese, North Indian and traditional South Indian items. She undertakes catering for family functions and parties.

She also gets everyday lunch orders from companies. “For the last four years, I have been depending on Aruna’s catering service for all family functions. The flavour of Mysore Pak is something that I never miss. We also feast on Jahangir’, Badusha and Rasagulla,’’
says Manohar Murthy, a  businessman from  Girinagar.