No issues in coal supply to power plants, PM told

No issues in coal supply to power plants, PM told

No issues in coal supply to power plants, PM told

All issues concerning supply of coal to power plants have been sorted out and no plant in the country faces fuel shortage, officials informed the Prime Minister on Monday.

Chairing the high-level meeting to review infrastructure projects in Railways, Power and Renewable Energy, Narendra Modi also instructed that the NITI Aayog should swiftly resolve departmental and Centre-state issues for speedy implementationof infrastructure projects.

The Prime Minister directed concerned ministries to work in a mission mode towards achieving electrification of the remaining 20,000 unelectrified villages.

He said innovative ideas should be explored for ensuring total rural electrification, including solar energy, power connectivity from nearby railway infrastructure, and off-grid solutions.

Modi suggested involving the BCCI to convert power infrastructures in all major cricket stadiums from conventional to solar energy.

Reviewing progress in coastal development, the Prime Minister reiterated his call for a blue revolution, integrating coastal shipping, tourism and regional development through the Sagarmala Project.

He called for a fundamental change in approach towards developing railway stations and areas contiguous to the railway corridors running through major cities.

He directed the concerned government departments to work towards creating a holistic framework and environment conducive for investment. Top Government officers from all related infrastructure Ministries, the PMO, and the NITI Aayog were present at the meeting.