Reports give clean chit to DC

Reports give clean chit to DC

Rangaswamy does not know how to send SMS, says a friend

“The inquiry by IAS officers Thangaraj and Tara Ajai Singh gave my friend a clean chit. The report says the officer had to pass three orders on a single day including stay on his own order for converting ‘A’ kharab land of 1.2 acres into cultivable land since the complainant failed to pay the conversion charge of Rs 31.5 lakhs and submit the original challan of making such payment,” said the sources.

They also claimed that the IAS officer did not know the widow until she challenged him using filthy language in the court. The provocation, according to them, was because he had stayed his own order related to the conversion of the land.

In Tara Ajai Singh’s report, the officer in question had alleged that the previous Principal Secretary of Revenue Department, S A Jaamdar “made a false report alleging false charges against him without holding any inquiry into the matter”. Sources added that the Jaamdar inquiry report was prepared when Rangaswamy’s father had died and he was busy with the rituals. As against Jaamdar’s report, which states that Rangaswamy frequented the widow’s house, the sources claimed that the officer had not seen the woman’s place and never ran any ‘real estate’ business with her husband.

The sources went on to claim that he never sent SMSes to the widow as he knew nothing about the cellphone except making and receiving calls. “Show me one person who has been receiving any message from my friend’s mobile. Rangaswamy does not know how to send SMSes,” one of the sources claimed. The woman had trapped Rangaswamy using her political connections and framed him in legal wranglings on the basis of forged documents, the source claimed.
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