An Indian's response to BBC Documentary

An Indian's response to BBC Documentary

The recent documentary 'India's Daughter' on the infamous Delhi Rape created a stir in the society. Government took an aggressive step to ban the release of the documentary.

Soon after this, India got the label of 'Rape Country'. As a result of which a German University refused admission to an Indian student citing the 'rape' issue in India.

An Indian named Harvinder Singh, published a video titled 'United Kingdom's Daughter' which revealed the situation of women in western countries, specially in UK.

The convict in Delhi rape case said that women are responsible for such henious crimes. If only she had compromised with the rapists, she would not have got killed. In the video published by Harvinder, we can see some similar opinions given by some westerners.

Singh's film claimed that women are not killed in UK because most of them compromise with the rapists. He also claimed that 250 women get raped in United Kingdom everyday.

Harvinder Singh's video has a clear message that rape is a disease and filthy mentality has got no geographical boundary.

Watch the whole video below:


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