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Neglected health care
I refer to the article Doctor-Specialists the country doesn't need by Vatsala Vedantam .
The article highlights a neglected area of our health care. In our present system of medical education medical graduates are keen only to be super specialists and work in High tech hospitals with advanced and expensive diagnostic equipment. Unfortunately the vast majority in India suffers from diseases of sanitation and nutrition. Improving standards of public hygiene with good nutrition will eliminate a host of diseases and reduce the disease burden of India. Many of these diseases are preventable and can be treated with simple drugs.

The immediate example is worm infestations which are common and the treatment inexpensive. Tertiary care and super specialization though fascinating is technology intensive and beyond the reach of the vast majority and is largely an urban phenomenon. Government should seriously consider introducing an abridged medical course suitable to treat common diseases of the urban and rural poor like Malaria, Dengue, Leprosy, STD, Tuberculosis and Malnutrition.              
HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Bangalore 560 008

Shocking inertia

It was shocking to see the agony of the Sub Inspector on the roads of Tamil Nadu crying for help and all including the ministers watching. This was beamed on prime channels with heavy criticism of the ministers and other Government officials whose apathy lead to the death of the public servant on duty. While the media's role in highlighting the lapses of officials including ministers is appreciated, we fail to understand as to why media persons did not come forward in helping the Sub-inspector on humanity grounds. They were perhaps busy in filming the agony and making sensational news for their channel to enhance the TRP. We have been seeing many such incidents where a beautiful film is made out of such situations without rescuing the person affected.

This is inhuman and media should be considerate on such issues. We even saw on the prime channel the collapsing of a five story building in Mumbai. One wonders as to how the channel was ready at the spot with the cameras on, during the collpase. Did they know before hand that the building is going to collapse? If so, they should have alerted the authorities concerned before hand.  While the visual media is doing wonderful jobs in many areas, we indeed are surprised at such incidents which show them in poor light.

Flat.No.104, Sri Mahaveer Gardenia,
32nd Cross road, Kumaraswamy layout,
Bangalore 560078.

Callous attitude

Inspector Vetrivel died.  He was allowed to bleed to die.  Sad demise of a brave policeman. It is horryfying to read that The convoy [of ministers] reached the spot within minutes of the incident. But nobody went near him. They behaved as if they were scared of staining their clothes. There were two ministers, a secretary, a collector, police escorts, photographers and videographers, but not a soul helped him.

Chennai is known for medical education. Any MBBS doctor could have saved him by giving first-aid, In fact any person could have stopped bleeding by tying his leg with a cloth and shifting Vetrivel to a clinic for first aid, which would have saved him perhaps. Blood-loss should be stopped. Every adult has 5 litres of blood in his body, and if 2-3 litres of blood is lost, it could be fatal.

The Ministers, that too health minister and his convoy should resign from their posts for this gross neglect.  Unpardonable.  Irreversible Loss.

Let me highlight  an interesting accident.  One man met with an accident in 5thmain, Gandhinagar, B'lore in the year 1976. He was dragged for 20 feet by a vehicleand his head was severely injured.  Dr.Subramanian, a GP located near the place of accident, ran with his kit and administered first-aid . He bandaged the head portion so well that blood loss was controlled, and made arrangements to shift him to NIMHANS hosp. He sent a summary of treatment along with the injured man.  A week later, Dr.Narayana Reddy, Surgeon & director of Nimhans complimented Dr.Subramanian for the first-aid he rendered.  That Young man must be playing with his grand children even today.  Thanks to Dr.S and Dr.NR.

Ravikiran Apts,
4th main, Malleswaram,
Bangalore-560 003

Frustrating for farmers

I would very much like someone to enlighten me as to why does Shri DeveGowda get so heated up on the NICE project? It was an agreement signed by him, though of course the original agreement was signed with a Malayasian contractor. And he must have known that farmers would be affected. Due to one or another reason, the project got delayed and land prices escalated- not a making of NICE. The matter has been heard by the Supreme Court more than once and the Supreme Court has passed orders that the land must be given as per the agreement.

In fact, the Karnataka Govt was reprimanded and fined Rs 5 lacs for filing incorrect statements during the reign of Shri Deve Gowda's son as CM. In fact one of the persons in the committee who originally approved the area to be allotted was former Chief Engineer of the State, Mr K.C.Reddy who worked as an adviser during Mr Kumaraswamy's regime.

It is high time the truth of the matter is investigated and an investigative journalist from your credible paper find out whether there are any ulterior motives for the Deve Gowda family to target NICE continuously  and not allow the project to get completed.

The issue certainly cannot be sorted out by personal abuse from an elderly statesman and former PM and any self respecting person including the farmers who are protesting must be feeling frustrated by such behavior.

Vani Vilas Apts, 11 Vani Vilas Road,
Bangalore 560004

What is more Shameful?

The nation is watching shameful political farce especially this week. Mr.Deve Gowda publicly abused Mr.Yedyurappa, which was unbecoming for a person of his stature. But my concern as a media person is how this was informed to the public. For example, DH quoted Mr.Gowda saying "Who is this Yeddyurappa? Bloody b*****d, (several times, followed by an unmentionable Hindi expletive)(italics mine) and maintained its dignity as a national news paper. How the same matter was reported in a couple of Satellite News channels was a disgrace to the ethics of journalism.

It is an accepted norm in television to mute the unutterable or vulgar words or expressions, even in live telecasts, and most of the channels follow this. Even the English film channels promptly mute such four lettered words and they are modified or dropped in their sub-titles. But in the above context, a couple of news channels not only did not mute the broadcast-unworthy words uttered by Mr Gowda, in their telecast but also they trimmed the footage in such a way to highlight those vulgar utterances. This again is against the ethics of broadcast. Finally, what is their intension in telecasting such segments repeatedly hundreds of times? Who is more shameless here? Mr.Devegowda or the Channels?

Secondly, Mr.Devegowda, abused Yeddyurappa with unmentionable words. But it was in the fit of rage and later he regretted also. But Mr.Yeddyurappa on the other hand put up a show of being very dignified person coming from a very respectable family and did not retaliate in abusive language. But then why was the mad outburst of his party workers all over the state putting up another equally shameful act of beating Mr.Gowda's effigy with chappals and kicking it with boots. Did they forget then that he was a former prime minister of this country? What is more shameful, natural verbal outburst, though unacceptable, of Mr.Gowda or deceitful tactics of Mr.Yeddyurappa or the reprehensible act of TV channel? If one is dirty election politics, the other is filthy politics of TRPs.  

M.Abdul Rehman Pasha

Gowda sets a wrong precedent

This has reference to the former Prime Minister, Devegowda's outburst on Mr. BSY on television. Mr.Gowda has made the citizens of this state, who have elected them time and again, hang their head in shame. As if this was not enough, the son is busy defending the usage of his father's words stating that BSY deserved it. Kumaraswamy has conveniently forgotten the Empire Hotel fiasco and what actually his son deserved.

Karnataka State certainly cannot flaunt this father/son duo. They are a disgrace. When usage of such words are a taboo even in privacy, Mr.Gowda has stooped down to a level which is actually difficult for seasoned a politician and veteran to go. The family has forgotten that they represent a huge electorate. If democracy has given birth to such fools, god save this country. Other politicians and leaders and even the aspirants of politics will now not hesitate to use such language. Mr.Gowda has set a wrong precedent for other aspirants of politics.

The media across the state should take initiative and ban this family and not report anything about them. The more we read about them, the more we lose faith in all our leaders and more importantly lose hope for this land.

Muralikrishna K.N.

New lows in politics

Politics in Karnataka has assumed a new dimension in mudslinging. The happenings are a matter of shame, unprecedented, unwarranted and totally in poor taste. More disgusting is the reaction from some leaders substantiating it directly or indirectly. Protests of this nature is a disgrace to Karnataka.

The outbursts of this sort is one of the sinister designs to embarrass the BJP government and Mr. Yeddyurappa. The fall of BJP government is being prophesied by some vested interests. It is time  BJP emerged as a stronger force and gave a fitting reply to its political opponents.


Gowda shames the State

As a citizen of this state, I was proud when Deve Gowda became prime minister of this country. When he chose to abuse Karnatka CM with unparliamentary words, Gowda has shamed the state and its citizens. Whatever the circumstances he was in, Gowda had no business to bring disrepute to the state CM as well as the country's top position of ex PM which he was holding. Gowda must apologise to CM as well as to the citizens of this state and the country who once made him CM and PM.

K R Anandagopalan
Vinayaka Layout
Hebbal Kempapura
Bangalore 560 024.

Wrong decisions

This Year onwards the Dental Council of India has done away with internship for the Dental students and increased the total course duration to 5 years. Can the Dental council of India explain the benefits of this change other than the benefit to the management of the colleges as displayed on the dental council web site .ie the college will not have to pay the internship stipend.

Dentistry being a practical oriented course, is it right on the dental council to take such an arbitrary decision. Has the govt of India also approved this?. Now the students will have to spend an extra year for internship taking the total course duration to 6 years.  Why is the IDA silent on this issue. Can any one concerned please answer the Dental students please.?

BDS 1st Year.

Unbecoming outburst

Deve Gowda's behaviour and outburst  is wholly unbecoming. As one of the British Parliamentarians put down another,
"They say wisdom comes with age,but in your case, age came alone."  In our former P.M.'s case, it is not even age, but pointless senility !  The son by going back on his word, was responsible for BJP to come to power in Karnataka, and now when BJP was on the wane
because of infighting, the father seems to have succeeded in giving the ruling party a second life. Pointless Senility, after all.

K M S Gowda
Kumara Park West
Bangalore 560 020

Treaties with Bangladesh

Sir, The signing of some important treaties with Bangladesh during the visit of Sheikh Hasina is an act in the right direction by the Govt.of India. The offer of a billion dollar credit and electricity to that country should bring positive reactions from Bangladesh.  It is important that India should take active role in the development of our smaller neighboring countries. As our nation grows into a world economical power we need to be prepared for taking up higher responsibilities. The threat from an alliance of China and Pakistan against India can be  effectively  countered by nurturing friendly relationship with the other countries in the region. India's future lies with these nations pursuing  democratic principles in their own countries. This will help India very much to check the militants and separatists acting from their soil.

Bangalore -560017

Political deception

 It is a matter of political deception prevailing in Karnataka.  Deve Gowda was just like any other political leader and not a 'father figure' of Karnataka politics.  To suceed in politicas, it is often necessary to rise above one's principles.  He shouild have understood that the best word is the one that is not said.  His principles are to make it a family rule in the State come hell or high water!
Deve Gowda may not love the truth and seek to find it.  If he can be educated to seek the truth to become more reasonable - in some fields he already manifests - then the belief that it is possible to resolve moral disagreement and moral disputes.  Kumaraswamy has failed and like father he has lost his status as a former chief minister when he came to the rescue of his father.  The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father.
Deve Gowda's tone of voice in which he dhas spoken, gestured, grimacedd was not introspectible feeling of anger but of his inferiority complex of a former PM who is not being respected as such but as a regional leader.   His mind must have had some vital fault when he uttered the bad words.  He should have realised that  the best word is the one that is not said.

A S Raj

When former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda chose to use some obscene invectives to describe Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in connection with the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project, it hardly contributed to shoring up the image of our netas. In fact, it is just the kind of thing that has earned them such a bad reputation.Not only has Mr Deve Gowda brought disrepute on himself but also helped further lower his profession in the eyes of the people. Politicians need to be aware of the high standards that are demanded of them by society and conduct themselves accordingly. Otherwise, they will be doing a disservice to the country as a whole.
On his part, it is praiseworthy that Mr Yeddyurappa has acted with utmost restraint and dignity in his response to Mr Deve Gowda's abusive tirade. He has chosen to take the higher moral path and not stoop to his political rival's level.

c/o Padmini Raghavendra
Mettuguda crossroads

This has reference to the editorial "Crass politics" (DH, January 12).
By and large, the public perception of Indian politician is that of brazen, insensitive and corrupt.  Former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda has now added another definition to it.  By using highly objectionable invective in his diatribe against Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, he has brought the political class to a new low.  It is for the young, aspiring politicians to come forward and put in their sincere efforts to give a semblance of respecta-bility to politicians' public life.

Centre blames UP for sugar prices

This is with reference to Centre blames UP for sugar prices appearing in DH dated 12JAN10
Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar charging UP Govt for stalling process of 8lakh tonnes of raw sugar which is lying idle at the Kandla port. Govt toeing faulty policies has led to abnormal increase in the sugar prices making end user the common man to suffer. Why can't the centre move the processing of raw sugar to other states instead of playing blame game? Without any delay Pawar must realize that it is the common man who is in the middle of cross fire and must not take political mileage during crisis.
Deepak Chikramane

The 'lows' of air travel
The Indian 'Air Travel' senario has hit a new low. We have several airlines announcing 'flights' to various destinations,with so called 'competitive fares' ! But almost all those operating such flights do not follow any safety norms.One wonders as what the DGCA has been doing.We have been hearing of incidents such as drunk passenger misbehaving during a flight,some aircraft returning due to damaged window,another aircraft had a leaking toilet with the commode emptying it's contents on roof tops, we now have a flight operated without airconditioning and as a result a passenger faints !!! We do not know what will happen next.
Airlines must follow basic rules in order to fly to various destinations. Even vehicles on roads are required to have minimum maintenance standards. Perhaps,the fares must be paid to the airlines only after reaching the destinations. The unfortunate passenger who had paid to faint on a flight should get a refund. Since,there has been an increase in cases of air hostesses being 'molested' on flights,there must be rethink on appointing ladies on flights. One could have male flight stewards and women could be behind ticketing counters.
The present Indian Air Travel can be compared to the traditional Jataka Gaadi-the ones we saw in Mumbai during the 1950s-perhaps they much safer and more comfortable !

Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

Cricket not the only game
     There is an impression among some cross section of the people that cricket means game and game means cricket and there are no other games except cricket included in the category of games,and it is observed that cricket matches are being held throughout the year without taking cognizance of the difficulties it causes to the students who are facing the examinations.
     Therefore the union sports ministry/education ministry should issue necessary instructions to BCCI/ICC not to conduct cricket tournments when the students are preparing themselvs for their ensuing examinations.
B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces,
BSK 3rd.Stage,

Essential requirememt is general practitioners 
    I refer to the article " Doctor-specialists " ( DH Jan 11) by Vatsala Vedantham.  What she has expressed in the column is very pertinent to our country which has many poor people suffering from many normal diseasess like cold, cough diarrhoea etc which can be cured easily by proper simple treatrment and advice and need not require the services of specialists.  Some of the simple diseases are caused by polluted water, stale food etc also due to ignorance among villagers. India badly requires healthy manpower specially in villages for cultivation of agricultural produtcts and general practioners will help a lot.


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