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Ali Khwaja

Dear sir,
I am a 1st PUC student and I’m interested in creative work. How can I explore this area? What is the qualification required?

Dear Harshita,
You have two options. Option 1: You could choose to build a strong foundation through a professional course like Engineering (if you have taken up Science in PUC) and then move into creative areas of Design in any field. A fascinating field that is developing globally is Imagineering, which is a combination of Engineering and using imagination to create new designs.  You can also specialise in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Industrial Design, etc.  Option 2: If you have not taken up Science and if you are not good in Maths, then you can do a three-year course in Visual Communication at the National Institute of Design (NID), National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC), Shrishti School of Design or Mudra Institute of Communication and Arts (MICA).  This will give you a good foundation to specialise in any field of design, which will become your long-term career.
Dear sir,
I am currently preparing for my board exams and other competitive exams. I am interested in studying Medicine. What is the scope for subjects like Clinical Research, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology? Which are the colleges in Bangalore offering these subjects?

Dear Priyanka,
Since all three choices of yours are research-oriented, ensure that you have sharp and sustained concentration, ability to do repetitive tasks, willingness to delay gratification and an eye for detail. Once you decide, then you can study Medicine, complete your MBBS, and then specialise in any of the above fields (except Genetic Engineering, which will require an Engineering degree but you can specialise in Genetics as a science). To enter the Medical field, you need to appear for entrance exams such as CET, AIPMT, AFMC etc.  Autonomous universities hold their own entrance tests later this year.

Dear sir,
I’m a 2nd PUC student and I want to specialise in Homeopathy.  Is Homeopathy as promising a career as BDS or MBBS? What are the opportunities in Homeopathy?

Dear Lakshmi,
Traditionally, the earnings of a homeopath have not been equal to that of allopathic doctors but the scenario is changing slowly. Also, homeopaths now have the option of specialising through an MD degree or branching off to Hospital Management, Health Management, Clinical Research etc. I would suggest that you take up BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), the five-year course, in any of the colleges available in Karnataka and other states. 

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