Where differences don't matter

Where differences don't matter

Friends Forever

Where differences don't matter

Vidya, Aparna and Swati remain thick friends.

Friends are part and parcel of our daily existence. It is said that people with similar interests bond easily and the bond lasts longer. However, there are instances where people with totally opposite tastes too have got along pretty well. Their friendship stands the test of time no matter what.

No two people are alike. Among friends you would find that if one of them is organised and neat, the other is the total opposite. And if one of them is short-tempered, the other is as cool as a cucumber. Despite such strong differences they get along marvellously well.

Metrolife interacted with a few youngsters to gauge their reaction on how they get along with friends with strong differences.

Laxmi, a student of BMS Women's College has an interesting experience to narrate. She lives in a hostel and has to put up with an untidy roommate who also happens to be a good friend. “I have a roommate who is very untidy and careless. I don't like my room in a mess. She’s incorrigible at times. My efforts to reform her have gone in vain. But we still remain friends despite our strong differences,” says Laxmi.

P Prasanna, a techie has a friend who is downright rude to others. “He never takes into account others’ feelings. He says things to people in the face and doesn’t bother about what happens after that. He seems to have no regrets after such a behaviour. Bitter experiences seem to have made him rude it seems,” avers Prasanna.

Vivek Shah, a MPharm student from PESCP says that he and his friend have distinctive differences in their character but their friendship has remained intact over the years. “We are just opposite in every aspect. I always scold him for wasting money on unnecessary things. He can never say no to anyone. People have been taking advantage of him. He never changes,” says Vivek.

Satvik, an engineering student from BMS College of Engineering, has set some rules for himself while choosing his friends. “I would like to be away from the people who I don't like. I do stumble upon such people and make sure I stay away from them,” Satvik gushes.