'Govt move on Sakrama a gimmick'

'Govt move on Sakrama a gimmick'

Most residents have welcomed the decision of the Governor who rejected the Sakrama ordinance on Wednesday, believing it to be a blow to the “spirit of Democracy.” People have termed the move as an “election gimmick” that has been thwarted by the Governor, H R Bhardwaj.

“We have been waiting for Sakrama for a long time. But I welcome the Governor’s move as the Government was playing vote bank politics by passing the Sakrama ordinance,” said Ananthapadmanabha, resident of J P Nagar VIII phase.
Ravi Shankar, resident of Jayanagar IV Block said, “We wanted the Bill to be passed as it would have benefited us. But the manner in which it was pushed was unconstitutional. The Bill, ideally should have been placed for discussion in the Legislative Assembly. It was never done,” he rued.

Keshav Kumar, Secretary of the Jayanagar IVth Block Resident Welfare Association (RWA) felt that it was a just move by the Governor to reject the ordinance. “The Government never came to us, residents, for discussion on the terms and clauses of the Sakrama Bill. It is the citizens who bear the brunt ultimately,” he opined.

Kathyayani Chamraj from CIVIC organisation also agreed with the Governor’s rejection of the Sakrama ordinance. “With the Governor’s rejection of the ordinance, I believe that the Government should rethink the ordinance. It is hilarious to imagine that it is banking on the amount collected in the form of penalty to run the administration,” she said.
Col Mathew from the Citizens Action Forum believes that the Sakrama ordinance is nothing but a farce. “The Government is doing nothing but misleading the people and perpetuating irregularities. The entire issue has just risen from the dead after nearly two years. In the meantime, the Government did not even speak on the irregularities committed by the people while building the houses,” he said.

Mathew said, the Sakrama issue has been distorted by the Government which has not given a clear picture on who the culprit is. “Most revenue lands have structures that are built by builders and layout developers. Now, who is the culprit if the builder has got the structure approved and not given any idea to the people living there about the violation?” he asks.
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