Chance Pe Dance

Chance Pe Dance

‘Chance Pe Dance’, like Ken Ghosh’s debut movie ‘Ishq Vishq’, has a young, cheerful and relaxed feel to it. The film charms you with its simplicity; no earsplitting villains, eye-popping gory scenes or jaw-dropping special effects here. This musical/dance-drama is supposed to rock the youth. However, the song and dance numbers are a letdown. They are a strain to the eyes due to the shoddy camera work and editing. Moreover, the music and choreography are just average. The terrific dance moves of Shahid seem hotch-potch owing to the absurd camera angles and bad editing.

As the name suggests, the film is all about grabbing the chance that life offers. Sameer (Shahid) is a struggling actor with dreams of making it big in Bollywood.

What makes Sameer endearing is the positive way he handles the ups and downs in his life. His talent, patience, strength of character and supportive girlfriend Tina (Genelia) are his constant companions, right from his hurdles-filled path to the red carpet. Shahid does not disappoint his fans. Time and again  Sameer is described in the film as - “this boy has talent, dances well and is cute”, this aptly describes Shahid as well. He carries the whole movie on his strong, capable shoulders, innocent smile and jelly legs. 

This two-hour (short) movie has nothing new to offer. We have seen the travails of struggling wannabe actors before. Yet the film does not bore you. There is enough humour going around.  There is not much scope for any actor in this film; Shahid monopolises the frame from the start to the end but no one is complaining! Shahid and his dance do merit a chance.

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