Holding sway over young minds

Holding sway over young minds

Advertising tactics

Holding sway over young minds

Advertisements are a big influence on youth.

Advertisements are all over the place. Whether you are travelling, watching television, listening to the radio or even walking on the footpath. One tends to come across innumerable advertisements each day, through billboards, banners, radio jingles, hand-outs and many other ways. Some may get influenced by advertisements and end up by buying the products while others just ignore them.

Jacob Anand, a language analyst says, “Advertisements are functionally meant to influence thought and subsequent behaviour. Hence youngsters, in particular, fall prey to advertising tactics. Most advertisements today dictate and reflect the lifestyle and trends that youngsters should follow. However, I am quite informed and capable of making wise decisions and will not easily fall prey to thoughts, ideas and perceptions portrayed through advertisements.”

However, some youngsters do get influenced by advertisements but there are certain things that they should keep in mind before they fall prey to them. Some of them are of the opinion that they will not buy a product unless they find the need for it, no matter how good the advertisement is. At the same time, they also look for certain aspects like the brand promoter and uses of the product.

Abhishek Shivkumar, a software engineer says: “I get enticed by advertisements which appear in the newspapers rather than on television, radio and banners. I feel that the advertisements in papers give more information and are to the point. For me, the brand promoter makes a lasting impression. But if I don’t need something, I don't bother who is promoting it.”

The taglines of most advertisements are very attractive and attract young consumers. Yograj Mudalgi, a final year BA student from Surana College says: “Advertisements influence the young very deeply by sending out a message that they are ‘cool’ only if they use these products.”

Advertisements also create confusions in many minds. Sujitha a dentist says, “I get influenced by every advertisement I watch. Some of them are so strong that they leave me thinking twice about the products I use. I end up buying so many shampoos, face washes, jeans and other fashionable clothes from different companies just because of the advertisements which come up.”