Errors at play

Errors at play


Errors at play

A scene from the play.

As fate would have it, two twin-pairs (master and servant) are separated years ago.
One pair of master and servant is already in Bangalore while the other steps into the City looking for a business opportunity. While the ‘already-in-Bangalore’ master is married and the servant is in love with the housemaid, the just-came-in-to-town master is bachelor at 45 and so is his servant.

While one is a ghazal geek, the other is a passionate reader of pulp fiction. The father too lands here in search of his recently-ran-away-son.

As fate would have it again, each time the wrong pair meets. So much so the bachelor is dragged to meet his ‘wife’.

To make matters worse, there is this local don, who has a stone-deaf servant as his right-hand and who swears that he will settle the matter in his court.

Will the real pair ever meet? The play is produced by Sanket.

It is written and directed by Surendranath, with Sihikahi Chandru in the lead. He is supported by Pa Pa Pandu Jahangir, Srinath Vasishta and Kalpana Naganath.
The sets are designed by M S Sathyu and the music is scored by V Manohar. The shows are on January 19 and 20, at 7.30 pm.

Tickets are available at Ranga Shankara.