The miracle of Zamzam

It was Hajar, the wife of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim), who was destined to be the first to behold the well even as she desperately sought water for her infant son Ismail, then abandoned in the arid valley of Makkah.

 Muslim traditions narrate how Hajar ran seven times back and forth looking for water between the hills of Safa and Marwa in the scorching heat. Water sprang up soon, however, when the infant Ismail scraped his feet against the earth on which he lay. The well's name comes from the phrase 'Zam Zam,' meaning 'accumulate' - a command repeated by Hajar as she attempted to contain the overflowing spring water.

 In time, it would be near this well-site that Abraham rebuilt the Ka'aba (or the metaphoric House of God): a building originally constructed by Adam, the first man. Today, the Ka`bah's is the direction towards which Muslims turn in prayer five times a day from around the world.

The Zamzam has never been known to have gone dry. On the contrary, it has unfailingly fulfiled the demand for water from the millions who visit the well each year while performing the pilgrimages. Add to this the quantity of its inexhaustible water that is bottled, as also the quantity that is taken away as gifts and distributed worldwide to millions, and we definitely have a miracle of a well in Zamzam.

Never chemically treated or chlorinated as is the case of water pumped into the cities, the potable nature of Zamzam's water has always been universally recognized. No pilgrim from among the millions who visit the Ka`ba ever had a complaint against it. On the other hand, they have always enjoyed its water which refreshes them every time they drink of it.

Unlike the biological growth and vegetation that usually transpires in most other wells - and which thereby makes the water unpalatable through foul taste and odour - the water of Zamzam has not tested positive for signs of biological growth.

The water of Zamzam has also been scientifically proven to have healing qualities due to its high Calcium-Magnesium salts and natural fluorides that offer a germicidal action. It removes toxins from the body, thus making it helpful in speeding the process of curing cancer, food-poisoning, burns, arthritis, eczema, thyroid dysfunction, mental confusion, high cholesterol, hypertension, SLE, haemorrhoids and general fatigue. A healer in every disease, the water of Zamzam possesses a vitality that no other water has.

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