Chilling out in their best!

Chilling out in their best!

Cosmopolitan Flavour

Chilling out in their best!

Classic black:Trevor and Lorraine.

Most of Bangalore’s art lovers were present at the party held at the preview of Dhiraj Choudhury’s images in wood and bronze. Guests were seen chilling out with their favourite mocktails and indulging in lengthy discussions on various art forms.

Apart from the art lovers, the page three party crowd was also there. The few foreigners present at the party added the cosmopolitan touch.

Most guests were dressed in semi-casual clothes to add to the artistic environment. The desi guests were seen strutting around in gorgeous sarees and kurtis, while the foreigners were dressed in their trademark wear, the rich classic Western casuals. Wine and starters did their usual rounds to tease the tastebuds of the guests.

Though one did not hear any soothing music which would have added to the charm of the party, the buzzing sound of the conversations more than made up for it.

As the art collectors and lovers were busy admiring Dhiraj Choudhary’s works, the other guests had a great time with friends and family.

“I love the kind of images which Dhiraj has done with wood and bronze. The burnt look, which he has given to the wooden images, is a beauty. It gives a very ancient look and is able to convey what it has to.” says Tabrez, an art collector.

 And as the night fell, more hand-picked guests started pouring in.