Tracks of crimson creations

Tracks of crimson creations

Vivid concepts

Anup Kumar Singh’s work is vivid with veins and hues of a living soul. Being held at Art Heritage Gallery I, the exhibition ‘Vision’ features Singh’s work in monochrome, accented vibrantly by shades of red. 

He has worked with mixed media and has attempted to visualise mingling of elements in modern time. Distorted figures of humans and animals have been rendered through movements and detail with concepts that add character to the artworks. One such frame presents a half made figure of a delicate female overlapped by bees. The theme is distinctly clear – sensitivity. Another frame boasts of a painting of human torso and a white bird seated on it. Several figures seem to be emerging from the body.  “This is the first painting from a series of two. They deal with the subconscious mind. Mind wanders like a bird’s movement and the smaller figures are representation of sides of human  toil,” Singh tells Metrolife. Singh has been awarded the National Award in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan for Best Painting and Regional Lalit Kala Academy award in Agra amongst many others.

“I liked the interpretation of living forms,” says Vivek Prakash, a visitor. Rajkumar Sharma, from Madhya Pradesh, says on his visit to Delhi, “The colours and concepts are great. It is the kind of work that everyone will enjoy very much.”

Rendering of ink and pencil adds individuality to his forms and lines. Like a single show, Singh’s display is bound by his chosen colour scheme and his love for red which he admits. His chosen concepts show virility and the medium presents extreme maturity in handling forms and images. The detailed artworks are available for sale.

The exhibition is being held at Triveni Kala Sangam till August 8 from 11am to 7pm.