The Diary of the Lal Bagh Flower Show!

The Diary of the Lal Bagh Flower Show!

The Diary of the Lal Bagh Flower Show!

What can a flower show’s journal say about a cockscomb and rose splattered day embroidered with a carpet of orchids? These new beauties enthralled the unknowing who gasped and said ‘’they must be plastic flowers!” These new beauties enchanted everybody with their  white and brown dotted, yellow and orange painted petals.
The cockscombs again showed that the word ‘velvet’ belongs only to this fat and enormous floral stunner.

Old and young people sneakily checked out its velvety rainbow dressing to make sure it wasn’t pure velvet material And the security guard shrieked with this whistle to rescue this awesome flower from too much squeezing. 

Nasturtiums (seen in the flower show) are edible flowers that you can put in your salad for a pungent yummy taste!Then there was the nasturtium that can be used to make your salad colourful and tasty with its petals. It can also keep pests away from your vegetables and trees if planted around them.

The orchids and the cockscombs easily won over the roses in the beauty contest that has no competition or envy. And outside, the bachelor’s buttons invited every possible butterfly to nestle on its tiny pink flowers.

Lal Bag’s duck and pelican’s lake is filled with filth all over again!

The only sad note in this journal was written by Lal Bagh’s sweetest angels, the ducks in the lotus lake squashed in a ghastly mound of filth and rubbish – plastics, slippers, even a helmet! Even worse, nasty kids threw stones at them with their parents looking on calmly.

It curdled the entire magic of the week!