Right across the 'three paths'

Right across the 'three paths'

Artistic tapestry

In an age where art has as many faces as the artist, three artists from altogether different backgrounds came together to exhibit ‘3 Paths- Walking with love and reverence’, a group show of paintings by Nanda Gupta, Khushboo Chatterjee and Arun Kumar Samadder.

The recently concluded exhibition at India Habitat Centre saw works depicting doors and mystical pathways, nature’s bountiful presence and various inspirations from Goddess Kali with detailed lines that reminded one of geometric shapes and figures.

Hailing from different backgrounds and understanding of art, the three met through a common art teacher’s contact. Says Nanda Gupta, “I haven’t really trained in college but have been under an artist Sunando Basu. In fact, he’s been a great inspiration. I have been into different styles of art. I started with abstractions and did a bit of realistic and semi-realistic.”

Talking about the exhibition, she says that while Chatterjee depicted nature and the lotus as a symbolic refrain, Samadder as a veteran, depicted mythology and especially Goddess Kali in

various forms in his latest work while describing her own work as abstract rendition of ‘the truth’.

“When I feel absolutely overwhelmed, there are moments when I look at a tree or a leaf falling, when I see the water and the rain, they are so beautiful that I can’t express. And expressing them in abstraction, allows me to portray what I mean. Rather than make a leaf in a realistic way…that is, making it the way it is, I prefer to use abstraction. It is my feeling… a feeling-based art.”

Mumbai-born and bred Gupta came to Delhi 16 years ago and over a period of time developed an interest in painting using watercolours, pen and ink, acrylic paints, oils and chalkboard. She tells Metrolife, “I was actually working with my husband in a business and gave it up because I had a calling for the arts.” She adds, “I showcased three types of work with inspiration from the folk arts because they help one to stay rooted. Complete abstraction, landscape and meditation and yoga-inspired Lord Shiva series were displayed.”

On the name of the exhibition, she chuckles, “We have completely different styles that don’t clash. Most people have liked one or the other piece of work. So, it’s good to have more than one artist.”

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