How to get rid of bad breath

How to get rid of bad breath

How to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is one problem that can really hamper your personality. It can be rather troublesome. If you suffer from bad breath, you probably find it embarrassing to talk to people or become very conscious while doing so. Medically called halitosis, bad breath is mostly caused by the bacteria build-up on the tongue and between teeth.

However, with proper dental care and hygiene, it can be avoided. Here are some simple ways to do it:

Tongue cleaning: Gentle sweeping motions on the tongue while you brush will help you remove plaque and other sticky food.

Toothbrush kit: Carry a toothbrush kit to clean your teeth after every meal as it will help remove the plaque that quickly forms on the surface of your teeth.

 Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol: The residue left by tea/coffee/alcohol sticks to the plaque and infiltrates the digestive system. When you take in a breath, it spews back a little of it into the air.

Mouthwash: A good mouthwash can be used to wash away the smell of the food from your mouth. Gargle with it three to four times a day.

Mint chewing gums: It’s a cover-up like the mouthwashes.

Parsley: It’s a breath saver as it contains chlorophyll that refreshes the breath.

Avoiding certain food stuff: Camembert, blue cheese and other dairy products have a strong hold on your breath. So, it’s best to avoid them, or brush your teeth after consuming them.

 Lime juice and yogurt: Lemon juice (acidic) kills bacteria, which causes bad breath and the white yogurt has a good amount of lactobacillus bacteria that will replace the bacteria causing bad breath for up to 24 hours.

(The authors are consultants with Axiss Dental, Bengaluru)

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