Home is where the cake is

Home is where the cake is

Sinful delight

Home is where the cake is

There’s a popular saying ‘always end on a good note’ and that good note is always better when there’s a cake involved! Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary celebration, promotion, birth of a baby, or even sad moments like a break-up or just ‘your everyday feeling low’, it can all be solved with a piece of cake! With Bengaluru being one of the most popular food hubs in the country, the demand for quality cakes and desserts is increasing by the day. People are also becoming more particular about where they should buy their cakes from, the look of the cakes and the cost involved.

With the rise of home bakers, many also prefer to buy their cakes from an individual baker instead of a store. This allows them to customise the cake, choose the flavours and execute their own ‘design’. Sheila Gopal, a mother of two, says, “My children love cakes. For their birthdays, we usually approach home bakers to customise the cakes. This brings in the excitement quotient to the party and makes the kids happy as well. We’ve tried cakes from shops, but we feel they taste better when they are baked at home.”

It’s also believed that the time and effort taken to bake and customise a cake is a lot more when it’s done at home, and even the end result differs. Michelle Gafoor has been selling the traditional Christmas plum cake for almost 10 years now. It started out as a hobby where she would distribute it only to her family and friends, but on popular demand, she now sells them every year. “I think it definitely has to do with the ovens we bake in. The stores usually have the big ovens but the ones at home are small. And because of that, we add the batter into a smaller pan, which helps keep the moisture in place, whereas in the bigger ones, the moisture is easily spread out and the cake loses its quality,” she explains. 

The effort that goes into making a cake at home is definitely a crucial one. Home bakers purchase the ingredients fresh and only when they receive an order. They mostly use natural ingredients to give one a healthier experience. Valli, owner of ‘Swirls and Sprinkles’, says, “Most of my orders are from friends, family and acquaintances. When I get my order, I use the best ingredients instead of the commercially available ones. The fats used by shops are chemically treated and actually bad for your heart and arteries. But with the natural ingredients I use, you can consume as much cake as you want and with minimal exercise; you are  healthy as a horse.”

The use of natural ingredients not only seems to keep one healthy while enjoying these sinful delights, but it also builds a trust factor between the customer and the baker. Shradha, owner of ‘Kiek’, says, “There are two kinds of people in the City — ones who worry about the price and not the quality, and the others who give more importance to the quality. Usually, home bakers make their cakes about four hours before delivery, unless they require a lot of detailing. This keeps the quality of the cake intact. The customers enjoy and appreciate it, and they will definitely come back for more.”

Over the past few years, Bengaluru has seen an immense growth in the world of home baking. With popular Facebook groups like ‘Home Bakers Guild’, many bakers share their thoughts, ideas and work to show off their skills. Shilpa Gulati, a member of the group, says, “I’ve been baking for the past 18 years. I started a Facebook page a year back and it helps me connect with people. Although I am not tech-savvy — most of my orders are through WhatsApp and phone calls — the social media portal gives me a platform to showcase my work. I’ve recently registered with Zomato as well.”

While the trend lies in personalisation and customisation these days, there are still many who love to buy their cakes from the stores. After all, when you want cake, you have to have it!