Students showcase their innovative prowess

Students showcase their innovative prowess

Around 35 projects were presented during a seminar on biofuel area and around 124 projects were exhibited at the 38th series of seminar and exhibition of student project programme at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Adyar campus, on Thursday.

The exhibition was organised by Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.
A group of four students from KVG College of Sullia had come with “Paddymate,” which separates paddy from husk.

Ankith, one of the inventors said that the machine runs with a 0.5 HP motor. There is a separate chamber for the dust. Though the machine cost around Rs 40,000, with mass production, the cost can decreased to Rs 30,000. The machine has been successfully tested, he said.

The students of KS Institute of Technology came up with a unique project—a design and development of semiautomatic solar sewage maintenance system with pneumatic (gas or pressurised air) assist. The students claimed that their system, with the use of solar power can clear sewage blockages and overflow of water in cities. They said that their system can also be used in industries for segregation of waste and with the use of the pneumatic system, maintenance cost could be reduced.

The mechanical engineering students of St Joseph Engineering College had come up with an automatic water management system using lab view. The students said that with the use of electricity their devise can make out the water-levels in containers and can reduce the human labour.

The BVB College of Engineering and Technology (Hubli) students had designed an aerodynamic recumbent bicycle which can overcome the air resistance.

Smart helmet
The smart helmet ‘Freedom’ designed by the students of host college for Sahyadri Edu Dreamers R&D Private Limited, attracted attention of onlookers in the exhibition. One of the inventors of the devise Shreya said that the helmet had been developed with a sim, GRS for navigation and Global System for Mobile (GSM) to send messages during an emergency.

It has an alcohol censor and pressure censor. The vibration speaker of the helmet enables the rider to hear the sound of horn even while listening to music.
In case of theft, a message will be sent to the rider with the help of ‘smart helmet’ app, she said. They have also got patent for their innovation.