Man spends four days with his deceased mother in UP

Man spends four days with his deceased mother in UP

For many it may seem to be an act of an unstable mind but for him it was nothing but his love for his mother.

A man reportedly spent four days with his dead mother in Varanasi. Raj Kumar, who lived with his mother in Lanka area of the city, not only slept on the ground near his mother’s body but also had food there.

The matter came to light when the neighbours complained of a pungent nauseating smell emanating from the apartment in which the man had been living and informed police. The cops, who entered the flat after breaking the doors on Thursday, found an old woman’s body on the cot and her son sitting nearby.

Raj Kumar told police that his mother had slipped while taking a bath a few days back and suffered injuries. The woman, who was in her seventies, died on Sunday. Police found cooked food items indicating that Raj Kumar had been having food there as well. The neighbours were quoted by the police as saying that the duo kept to themselves and seldom came out of their flat.

“Raj Kumar used to buy vegetables from street vendors and was rarely seen out,” a police official said, quoting the neighbours. The neighbours also said that Raj Kumar was not seen for the past four to five days. He had also not informed anyone about his mother’s fall in the bathroom. “Raj Kumar was still not ready to believe that his mother was dead. He kept saying that his mother had promised never to leave him,” the official said. 

In-charge of the local police station Ramesh Yadav said Raj Kumar would be medically examined to ascertain if he was mentally sound.

“There is a possibility that he is mentally unstable,” Yadav added. Earlier this year, police in Kolkata had found a man living with the skeletons of his elder sister and two pet dogs, who had died almost a year back.
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