I love nibbling on chapatis'

I love nibbling on chapatis'

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I love nibbling on chapatis'

As she walked in, sporting a long orange gown and her hair carelessly done, Suzzane Carla, from Ireland, looked nothing less than a porcelain doll. One of the soloists at the recent ‘Toccata Live in Concert’, which was held at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, she recollects her experience in Bengaluru. “I was very excited and nervous to come here as this is my first time in the City!”

Her bubbly nature makes her approachable and her confidence highlights her passion for singing.

This being her first ‘Toccata’ performance in Bengaluru, she earned a lot of praise and appreciation from the crowd, which she feels is a real confidence booster for many first-time performers like her.

Talking about the concert, she says, “It was great to perform for ‘Toccata’. It is a very different concept and an amazing platform to explore one’s passion. It is essential to grab every opportunity that it presents. Showcasing one’s talent in music and dance, and influencing people, especially young minds, to achieve what they like gives a great feeling. Our performance at the auditorium was mesmerising, especially because we got a great reaction from the young crowd. This has certainly raised the expectations and has also given us a push to perform better in the future.”

Aware of the love that the Bengaluru crowd has for music, Suzzane adds, “I have heard about how passionate the crowd is when it comes to music, so I hoped for a great reaction for our performances. I performed some popular numbers for the main choir and also some solo numbers, which people liked.”

As for her love for Indian food, she says, “I have tasted Indian food and I try to make some at home but I fail terribly at getting the same taste. What you get here is amazing, it’s so delicious. I have a list of food items that I relish, out of which my favourite is the ‘paneer and spinach’ curry. I adore it, and I love nibbling on the ‘chapatis’ as well; they are so soft and amazing. I try to make them at home but I just can’t get the same texture.”

Admiring the City and its various facets, she says, “Bengaluru has a different charm, the weather itself is so refreshing, it is actually nothing similar to what I was thinking it would be like. And the people here are absolutely lovely and they are always ready to help people who are new. I will be taking back some amazing memories with me.”