Difficult to process this info, says Peter

Difficult to process this info, says Peter

Television honcho Peter Mukherjea, whose wife Indrani Bora has been arrested for murder of her daughter with previous husband, came out on Wednesday and said that he was shocked with what has been going for the last couple of days.

“I am shocked...it is still difficult to me to process this information,” Mukherjea said, admitting that his son, Rahul Mukherjea had an relationship with Sheena Bora.

“In fact, my son told me that she is daughter of Indrani and not her sister, as she has been saying all these years, but I dismissed it,” the former Star India CEO said.

As far as the disappearance is concerned, he said: “I did take this up with her (Indrani), but she told me that she (Sheena) is in US...I obviously believed my wife.”

“Sheena was in a relationship with my son, which Indrani disapproved of,” Mukherjea said. “I was told by Indrani that Sheena was her sister. I had no clue that Sheena was actually Indrani’s daughter from her earlier marriage,” he said.

He, however, said that he would extend all possible cooperation to the Mumbai Police.

“Whatever help, information, the police need, I am happy to help them with that. I would be absolutely clear and straight with them and cooperate,” he said. "I believed my wife, so much so that it created a rift between me and my son. I have not spoken to him for last three years,” Mukherjea said about his son from his first marriage.

About his wedding, he said: “I was 16 years older and there was a disagreement and I was told that her parents didn’t want to meet...she had also turned down his suggestions that they visit Assam and her hometown Guwahati."