I could have been Indrani's target, says son

Mother of all horrors: New revelations by accomplice make Sheena murder case murkier
Last Updated 27 August 2015, 19:46 IST

Mikhail Bora, the brother of Sheena Bora on Thursday gave details about the family and their relationship with Indrani Mukherjea when a Mumbai Police team reached Guwahati and visited his residence.

According to Assam Police sources, Mikhail has also handed over a few documents, of which police sources claim is a “forged” birth certificate of Sheena Bora where their grandparents have been named as her father and mother. Police believe that this was done by Indrani to prove her claims that Sheena was her “sister”.

“My evidence is that conversation between Indrani Mukherjea and Sheena....I have some evidence on that. Also, I’ve some photographs which reveal the relationship among these three guys, including Rahul which I can show you through a photograph as an evidence. I’m waiting for the police,” Mikhail said on Thursday morning.

While talking to Deccan Herald outside their Duplex residence in Sundarpur area of Guwahati, Mikhail added that over the past few years, Indrani insisted that he leave Guwahati and go to Kolkata where she would arrange a good job for him and put his grand parents in a good old-age home.

“I did not agree to the proposal. She had offered me Rs 50,000 a month job. She also said that she will arrange a flat for me and that between works I can meet my grandparents in Kolkata. But I did not agree. Then she threatened me that she would stop sending money for house expenses and I will have to take care of myself and grandparents on my own,” Mikhail added. Indrani has stopped sending money to Mikhail since September 2014.

Meanwhile, on Thursday afternoon, a Mumbai police official met Mikhail Bora in Guwahati. Later, Mikhail came to the local police station and handed over a few documents to the Mumbai Police. These documents might be crucial for the investigation of the sensational murder case.

Mumbai Police stayed about an hour at the Duplex apartment of Sheena’s grandparents. According to Assam Police sources, Mumbai office informed Sheena’s grandparents and spoke at length with Mikhail. Later, Mikhail was interrogated for about three hours in Dispur Police station and allowed to go home.

Among the documents handed over to Mumbai Police, there was a birth certificate which Assam Police sources claim to be “fake”. Although Sheena was born in 1989, the certificate handed over by Mikhail was issued in 2004.

“The certificate has serial number 013244, has name of father as Upendra Nath Bora and name of mother as Durga Rani Bora. The registration number is 5409,” sources said and added that Indrani might have forged other documents to hide her real identity.

Mumbai Police will continue their investigations in Guwahati for few days, a top Assam Police official said.

(Published 27 August 2015, 19:44 IST)

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