A flair for hair

A flair for hair

A flair for hair
He is known for his cutting-edge works, creating unique and trendy hairstyles, and his yearning for perfection.

Shailesh Moolya, the National Creative Hair Director at Lakme Salon, has now created magic on the runway at the recently concluded ‘Lakme Salon Bridal Show 2015’.

Curating special bridal looks that can be sported during various occasions, he says, “My personal style is quirky and funky teamed with something simple. A casual, simple and no fuss look. This season, at the ‘Lakme Salon Bridal Show’, there were a lot of textures involved, and simpler, organic and easy-going, edgy bridal hairstyles that aren’t very complicated.”

For him, “keeping it simple, tidy and fresh” is the mantra for a perfect hairstyle. He shares a few tips for those who are on the lookout for a perfect cut, “Those with broader foreheads should opt for a thick fringe or an asymmetric side swept fringe. For the ones with square or angular face, layers around the chin frame the face suit better. For a round or small face, one should stick to sleeker and straighter hair. Short women who want to look tall can opt for shorter haircuts, and women with thin hair should keep it shorter as the longer it grows, the thinner it looks.”

While he looks up to international runways and stylists for inspiration, this time he took a peep into the Indian architecture, temples and nature for creating some unusual styles.

He says, “Hair is as important as one’s wardrobe for an overall look. One of the trending hairstyles that I came across is the asymmetrical look — buzzed on one side and long hair on the other.”

For Shailesh, the busiest time of the year is during fashion shoots for leading fashion magazines and fashion weeks, when they launch the show-stopping hair collections. These styles eventually find their way into the salons and trend quickly.  

“A  perfect winter look can involve loose waves, disconnected layers that add texture to your hair, and asymmetric bobs and textured lobs (long bobs),” he says, “The natural texture is the most important thing while styling one’s hair. It is important to work with and not against the natural texture and enhance that. I advice people to not try making curly hair straight and vice-versa.”