Loss of wedding photos irks consumer

Loss of wedding photos irks consumer

Loss of wedding photos irks consumer

G A Manohar had given his memory card from his digital camera to G K Vale for printing and had paid up Rs 300 as advance. The images were of a wedding function which was attended by an important dignitary.

But inspite of visiting the shop several times to collect his images, the shop kept telling him they were not ready. A legal notice to them did not help and he finally complained to the III Forum. The shop told this Forum that he never gave them the memory card which he seemed to have lost or forgotten at home, and hence they were not responsible for the missing photographs. But the forum was not convinced and finding the shop guilty of deficient service, President T Rajashekharaiah has also ordered it to pay up Rs 3,000 as costs to Manohar.

Builders told to refund 

This forum has also ordered Maha Sai Developers Pvt Ltd to execute a sale deed in favour of G M Prabhakar in their Sri Sai Enclave, for which he had paid up Rs 2,98,000. The President has ordered them to follow their order within three weeks or pay up Rs 12 lakh to the complainant as the value of the site and to refund Rs 2,98,000 to him with costs of Rs 5,000.

Mahindra Holidays

Dr R K Shandil was finding it hard to get back his money from Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd and the III Forum has told the firm to repay Rs 1,60,000 to him, with Rs 13,000 as interest rate lost by him in the negotiation.

Bathroom cubicles

Gayathri Bhandwalkar and Sony Bhandwalkar had paid up Rs 43,627 to Nestle Enterprises which had installed two bathroom cubicles in their home in November 2008. But malfunction in one of the cubicles occurred. Two glass door connectors are offset and hence they are unable to use the bathroom.

Various calls to Venkatesh and Deepa from the shop were ignored, and false promises were given about sending a technician to repair the cubicles. Finally they had to complain to this forum which has ordered the shop to make the cubicles usable and pay up Rs 10,000 as compensation to the ladies.

Settlement for site

The Bangalore Second Additional Forum President S S Nagarale has ordered the M D of Nirman Shelters Bangalore Pvt Ltd to pay up Rs 56,000 to Bhupendra Pratap who is still waiting for a site from them.

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