Collapsed building being demolished

Collapsed building being demolished

Collapsed building being demolished

While the authorities were toying with the idea of continuing rescue operations to see if there were any more survivors, the idea was dropped as it has been four days since the collapse.

The personnel of Bangalore-based Binyas Contech Private Limited entrusted with the demolition reached Bellary in the morning and the demolition work began in a planned manner at 1 pm.

The demolition had to be undertaken swiftly as the ground under the construction is sinking and the surroundings have been declared as danger zone. The demolition work is expected to go on for another four days. By the end of Sunday, 30 per cent of the demolition work was completed.

Criminal cases

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah, who visited the site on Sunday, alleged that the incident was an example for the negligence and corruption on part of the officials.

He held the Commissioner of the City Municipal Corporation and senior officials directly responsible for the accident. Speaking to reporters after the visit, Siddaramaiah said officials responsible for the accident should be suspended and criminal cases to be filed against them.

“There were many building bye-law violations at the site. For a building of that height, they had not left the prescribed setback. Had the officials conducted periodic inspections, this would not have happened,” he remarked.

Siddaramaiah suggested that the State government should confiscate the assets of engineer Somashekar to compensate the victims. He added that the ex gratia given to the families of the victims should also be increased.