Love what you do

Love what you do

Love what you do

Dear Sir,
I am a final year electronics and communication engineering student and fare well in my exams. However, I am confused about what to pursue after my BE degree. I had decided to pursue MTech and had started studying for GATE too. But now that placements have started in my college and I see people getting placed, I am not sure if I want to study further. I don’t want to go into research or teaching fields. I have heard many rumours about MTech being pursued mainly for the above mentioned fields and BE being worthless in today’s age. What do you think? Would it be better if I work for a while and then study further? Kindly help me out.
A student

Dear student,
MTech is more useful for those who wish to get into research or teaching, but if you choose your specialisation wisely, you can use it as a means to get a higher level job in industry too. At this juncture, since you are not clear about your domain specialisation, and if you are getting placement in a company that offers opportunity to learn, not just a routine repetitive job, it will be worth taking  up. Within a year, you will know where your interest lies and what you are good at.

You will also be able to decide whether the corporate world suits you. Based on these factors, you can prepare well in advance, get into a reputed college for your post-graduation, and ensure that you progress well. Do not limit your thinking to your first job. Have a vision to slowly start planning for 40-50 years of your working life.

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the second year of information science engineering. I wish to make a career in the field of cybersecurity and would like to know the available courses in India. Can you suggest some colleges and courses for the same.
Govind Gramani

Dear Govind,
You have taken the right step by getting into BE information science. It is also good that you are narrowing down your field early in your degree course, as it will give you ample time to plan ahead and choose the right courses. Cybersecurity deals with protection of
computer programs and software, prevention of theft and misuse. It requires computing and logical skills, knowledge of laws and norms, and a sharp mind to detect flaws. Many
reputed universities offer postgraduate courses in cyber security and cyber laws, which will qualify you to become a professional in the field.  
Some of them are:
n Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar,
n University of Madras,
n National Academy of Legal Studies & Research (NALSAR), Hyderabad,
n KLE University, Belgaum,

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the fifth semester of electronics and communication engineering. I joined engineering through lateral entry and haven’t been scoring distinction marks in my semesters. I had a good aggregate in my diploma but haven’t been faring well here. I wish to join the Indian Navy or Indian Air Force or DRDO. How do I prepare for this? Kindly shed light on the kind of procedures involved and the eligibility needed. Are there any specific exams and courses I should take up?
Pooja Upase

Dear Pooja,
It is possible that you are more of a practical and hands-on person rather than academically oriented. Since you
obtained good aggregate in diploma, you have proven that you can do well in application of technology. At the degree level, the methodology of studying needs to be changed as portions are larger and deeper. Try to use the time-proven technique called SQ3RT (Survey the entire topic or chapter, Question yourself why you are reading it and what it is all about, Read once casually, Review what you have read and what you have understood, Revise after some time to check your memory retention and Test yourself periodically). If possible, do some combined study with someone who has come directly from PUC and is scoring well.

Your choices of defence services are commendable and today girls are being taken in different branches of both Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. If you start preparing now, you can give the entrance exam of university entry scheme in your final year.

Initially, since you are a girl, you will be taken in Short Service Commission, which is extendable from 5 to 14 years. Subsequently, if your record is good, you may be eligible for a permanent commission and higher promotions also.
For more details, look up and www.careera­

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