Nature's cure


Nature's cure

Herbal leaves are known to be repositories of a variety of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that greatly benefit the human body. Including them regularly in your diet helps maintain good health and vigour. In fact, a few of the green tops of root vegetables like carrot, beetroot, radish, etc are highly nourishing and make for a nutritious addition to your soups.

Here are a few leaves with medicinal values that could be used as home remedies for various ailments:

Lime: Mix a tablespoon of tender lime leaf juice with a teaspoon of honey. It will help get rid of roundworms. Also, a tender leafy paste with a little turmeric powder, applied on the face, removes pimples, as well as lightens the complexion.

Neem: A decoction of neem leaves makes for a good gargle liquid. It’s a perfect mouth rinse to get rid of all gum-related problems. A neem leaf paste with a pinch of turmeric is a good remedy to cure pimples.

Lemon grass: Lemon grass tea, along with tulsi leaves and honey, makes for a good cold and cough remedy.

Country Borage (Doddipatre): These leaves have anti-allergic properties and can be used to soothe insect bites. Crush a few leaves and apply on the affected area to get considerable relief.

Rosemary: An infusion of rosemary leaves is a good cure for nervous headache, digestive disorder, sleeplessness, brain fatigue, rheumatism and other such allied conditions.

Tulsi: Regular use of tulsi juice with honey helps expel urinary stones. Also, regularly chewing some fresh tulsi leaves is a good stress buster, blood purifier and immunity booster.

Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass juice is a potent tonic that has high chlorophyll content. It’s a perfect detoxifier and helps banish toxins and other pollutants in the body.

Note: You can revive  wilted greens or leaves by cutting an inch of the stalk and keeping them standing in a bowl of water.

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