Paramilitary purchase to cost around Rs 800 crore this fiscal

Paramilitary purchase to cost around Rs 800 crore this fiscal

Paramilitary forces are planning to buy over 2.80 lakh arms and 37.2 crore ammunition for over Rs 800 crore this fiscal, besides around 16,000 vehicles.

According to a Union Home Ministry document, the CRPF will be the biggest buyer as it is helping state governments maintain law and order and performing various internal security duties.

The CRPF, the main anti-Maoist fighting force, is planning to buy 2.68 lakh arms and 32.56 crore ammunition worth Rs 479.65 crore. It is also likely to spend another Rs 416 crore on procuring 13,165 vehicles this fiscal.

It will also spend Rs 327.46 crore for clothing and tentage and Rs 802.22 crore for machinery and equipment.

Specialised training on different skills like those on anti-terrorism, anti-Maoist and counter-intelligence operations, map-reading and jungle warfare will also be given to 36,000 personnel this fiscal, up from 22,175 last fiscal.

Providing housing to its personnel is also on the agenda, with plans afoot to build 1,032 houses. Land will also be acquired for a Border Outpost (BOP) in one location.

The CISF is also on a buying spree — 4,215 arms and 68.35 lakh ammunition for Rs 41.30 crore, 442 vehicles for Rs 33.73 crore, and bulletproof jackets and other clothing items worth Rs 55 crore. Around 35,000 personnel will undergo specialised training courses.
A senior Home Ministry official said the purchase programme is an ongoing process, as one cannot afford shortage of arms, ammunition and other facilities for the forces.

The BSF, deployed mainly on the crucial Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh borders, will spend Rs 225 crore for clothing and tentage. Another Rs 176.59 crore will be spent for over 775 vehicles.

During 2015-16, 1,100 houses and 13 barracks will be constructed. Land will be acquired for BOPs at 20 locations.

For the ITBP, which guards the Sino-Indian border, arms worth Rs 165 crore will be procured. Clothing and tentage worth Rs 103 crore and around 700 vehicles will also be bought this fiscal.

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