Pulses drop Rs 500 per quintal on government measures

Pulses drop Rs 500 per quintal on government measures

Prices of select pulses fell up to Rs 500 per quintal at wholesale market in the national capital today on the back of a series of measures announced by the government to curb rising prices and speculative activity.

Marketmen attributed fall in pulses prices to a series of measures announced by the government yesterday to intensify anti-hoarding operations and imposing stock limits on pulses held by licensed food processors, importers, exporters as well as large departmental retailers to curb soaring prices.

It has also directed state governments to intensify anti-hoarding operations and keep a check on black-marketing and profiteering by traders.

Meanwhile, select pulses recorded almost 35 per cent rise in their prices last month.
In the national capital, urad eased to Rs 9,500-10,500 from last close of Rs 9,900-11,000 per quintal. Its dal chilka local, best and dhoya were down by Rs 500 each to Rs 10,500-10,700, Rs 10,600-11,200 and Rs 11,000-11,200 per quintal, respectively.

Moong and its dal chilka local traded lower by Rs 200 each to Rs 7,600-8,200 and Rs 8,200-8,600 per quintal, respectively.

Its dal dhoya local and best quality followed suit and enquired lower by a similar margin to Rs 8,500-9,000 and Rs 9,000-9,200 per quintal.

Masoor small and bold declined by Rs 100 each to Rs 6,200-6,900 and Rs 6,100-7,000 per quintal.

Moth eased by Rs 200 to Rs 5,700-6,100 per quintal.

Arhar slipped to Rs 12,500-12,800 from previous level of Rs 12,500-12,900 per quintal. Its dal dara variety weakened by Rs 100 to Rs 14,000-14,200 per quintal.

In line with overall trend, gram, gramdal local and best quality were down by Rs 200 each to Rs 5,100-5,800, Rs 5,400-5,600 and Rs 5,500-5,800 per quintal respectively. 

Following are today's pulses rates (in Rs per quintal):

Urad Rs 9,500-10,500, Urad Chilka (local) Rs 10,500-10,700, Urad best Rs 10,600-11,200, Dhoya Rs 11,000-11,200, Moong Rs 7,600-8,200, Dal Moong Chilka local Rs 8,200-8,600, Moong Dhoya local Rs 8,500-9,000 and best quality Rs 9,000-9,200.

Masoor small Rs 6,200-6,900, bold Rs 6,100-7,000, Dal Masoor local Rs 7,400-7,600, best quality Rs 7,500-7,700, Malka local Rs 8,300-8,750, best Rs 8,400-8,800, Moth Rs 5,700-6,100, Arhar Rs 12,500-12,800, Dal Arhar Dara Rs 14,000-14,200.

Gram Rs 5,100-5,800, Gram dal (local) Rs 5,400-5,600, best quality Rs 5,500-5,800, Besan (35 kg), Shakti Bhog Rs 2,330, Rajdhani Rs 2,330, Rajma Chitra Rs 5,000-6,400, Kabuli Gram small Rs 5,150-7,650, Dabra Rs 2,700-2,800, Imported Rs 4,700-5,100, Lobia Rs 5,000-5,200, Peas white Rs 2,800-2,825 and green Rs 3,050-3,150.

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