Who does not want to be famous?

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. One hears such quotes every now and then. Is it true that if you do great things you’ll be recognised? It is not always true, right?

But one thing that will surely get you recognised and also maybe add a little stardom
in your life, is the YouTube.

Anant Singh, the inventor of the Golden Kela Awards on YouTube, tells Metrolife, “It is impossible to predict what will become popular on YouTube. But it is a good medium to apply yourself.”

Singh has been writing, directing and acting in videos for YouTube. He currently works with TVF (a YouTube channel)  and also writes for Bollywood.

Comic Con India hosted a workshop on ‘How to be the next YouTube Star’ at Hauz Khas Village over the weekend, where Singh along with Ford Seeuws spoke to people who wish to go big in the online medium.

Seeuws has a popular YouTube channel by the name of Surfing Violinist which has 28,163 subscribers and 4,274,028 views. During the session he made the point that “you have to keep your day job in hand before you venture into full-time YouTubing.”

But it is actually a profession where people earn through online advertisements and become a kind of celebrity ‘if they are lucky’.

Kanan Gill an engineering student, started with Pretentious Movie Reviews’on YouTube, which gathered him enough fans, to now be invited to make public appearances and do stand-up. His case can actually be taken as a simple try gone big.

“But you don’t always have to be funny,” says Singh. “What is crucial is to have an idea and be driven enough to work at it. Gill definitely did not know that he was going to make it that big. But he tried to do something because he thought he was good at it. Good thing is there is hardly any capital involved.”

Singh elucidates by saying that making videos on YouTube can be a good individual start-up. But the presentation should be fresh. Therefore, a lot of research is also involved.

He gives an example of Geekyranjit, the tech reviewer, who gives advices on the new gadgets and technology based products in the market. He adds no pun or showmanship in his videos. But he is followed only because of his unbiased opinions. Now, if one wants to be a tech reviewer on YouTube, they have to revolutionise Ranjit’s way and recreate something which people have not seen, but stay true to the reviews.  “When Ranjit created Geekyranjit, it was an original idea, so it sufficed. Creating a brand value is very important, otherwise people will forget you,” says Singh.

Singh agrees that he has not seen as much limelight on YouTube. But people still recognise him on rare occasion because they have seen the Golden Kela Awards. “YouTube kind of makes you a celebrity,” he adds.

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