Tilting building in Delhi creates panic among people

Tilting building in Delhi creates panic among people

Tilting building in Delhi creates panic among people
A 35-year-old four-storey building tilted on Sunday morning over the adjoining one creating panic among both the residents and the people nearby.

A team of Delhi Police, MCD and Department of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) later demolished the building.

No one was injured in the incident, the police said. The building had already been shaken up due to the impact of the April 25 earthquake and had developed a few cracks in it. According to its owners, the tenants had already left the building fearing its collapse.

“After the Nepal earthquake of April 25, the building had developed a few cracks on the wall. Our relatives suggested us to consult an architect or a civil engineer. We met an architect who brushed aside our apprehensions saying that it is a regular affair,’’ said Manish, one of the building owners.

“Although the architect had dismissed our apprehension about an impending collapse, we told our tenants to start looking for a new house. We ourselves started looking for an alternative, when on October 26, another earthquake happened. After the last quake, it became clear that the building would collapse in few days. All the tenants had left the building, including the owners a few days back. I was the only one left inside as I had to look after some buildings,’’ Manish added.

According to Manish, the base of the structure had weakened because the adjoining building-owners had dug up the area to create a basement for their buildings. The earthquake hit it like a sledgehammer.

“In the morning, I woke up to a loud thud. I looked around and saw a brick had fallen off from the wall. The cracks which were already there were opening up, and the building’s floor was shaking as if another earthquake had come. I immediately rushed outside and told people to move away from the building,’’ he added.

A PCR call was made around 8.30 am and the police, DDMA and MCD team, along with two bulldozers arrived at the spot and the area was cordoned off.

After vacating the nearby buildings, the MCD’s bulldozer demolished the tilted structure.

According to the police, the building with a carpet area of 55 square yard had four floors and the ownership was divided among the family of two brothers—Taik Chand and Kishan lal.

Manish claimed that his family has incurred a loss of around Rs 40 lakh but he felt relieved that no one was killed or injured.
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