Rahul and Nidhi in Abhimani.

What is wrong with directors these days? They bring in unnecessary elements in the guise of commercial necessities. Fooling the viewers everytime is not possible anymore. Taking an interesting concept, Pravin introduces the Rangayana Raghu-Govindegowda comedy track and undoes the rest of an acceptable work.

The late thespian Rajkumar called his fans ‘Abhimani Devarugalu’. ‘Abhimani’ is the story of one such fan who is rescued from the depths of despair by his idol.

Mutturaj (Rahul), an aspiring singer, named after the matinee idol wants to become a singer and fulfil his mother’s wish .His elders advise him to complete his education. A determined Muttu suffers a setback as a singer when his deteriorating health doesn’t allow him to proceed further.

‘Annavra’ fans are in for a rare treat, a miracle - Rajkumar himself descends from above, blesses Muttu and instils confidence in him! ‘Abhimani’ makes for nice viewing because of the painstaking work required to bring the late actor to ‘life’ for close to six minutes and for Sharath Babu’s superlative acting. One of the dying breed of fine actors of a bygone era, Babu overshadows even ‘namma Pranaya Raja’ Srinath!

Tara is presented beautifully, so is model-turned-actress Nidhi. But for the comedy track and angry editing, ‘Abhimani’ would have been a better film.