Effortless celebration at home

Effortless celebration at home

It’s always a good feeling to catch up with friends and family. While a restaurant or pub may work just fine, there’s no joy like having them all over at home for a fun evening.

Sadly, evening parties or dinners at home are gradually turning into a passing fad since people lack proper planning and consider it a major task to host a dinner. A common myth about house parties is that they can be stressing and a hassle to cope with. But in fact, it can be effortlessly managed and if planned properly, it can lessen the stress and also give you the energy to enjoy.

Doing it right

Ideally, when planning a party, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to keep cool and go with the flow. After all, who would not wish to have a party where friends and family have a ball, enjoying food and sharing conversations along with laughter? To help you in laying out a stunning meal and hosting a great time, here are a few tips to follow that would ease out most of your worries:

 Guest-lists: It may not be a wedding but you should know whom you might want to invite for the party because you want them to have a good time. You will have to see whether the people you are planning to call have something in common that would help them fit in with the rest of the crowd. Once you have decided, send out your invites which could be a handwritten invite, a simple text or a telephone call. When inviting your guests, get to know their preferences and check if they are vegetarians or non-vegetarians, if you are not aware of it already. Nothing can be more disastrous than sending a guest back hungry.

 Try out the menu: It is important that you set a menu that you have tried and tested before the party. I bet you would not want to try out a special recipe that you have never cooked before and have no idea as to how it would turn out. Practising a dish and checking out recipes in advance is a wise move for turning your meal into a success. And while you are deciding on the food menu, take out a little time to think about the beverages as well. You could plan an exclusive concoction along with usual soft drinks and alcohol.

 Be a smart chef: After finalising on your menu, ensure that you keep a buffer amount of supplies and food. Planning a lunch or dinner means keeping a thought open for change as well. So what if you invited 10 people but someone got two of their friends along? Rather than being in a tight spot where the food falls short, open your arms and home and welcome the unexpected guests.

 Lay a stunning table: The last thing that you might want to occupy yourself with and stress over is that of handing out and falling short of cutlery. Instead, sort out the tableware and cutlery and its entire arrangement in advance, so that you are not running back into your kitchen for more once your guests arrive.

 Clear the clutter: It is very important to keep your home spotless and clean when you are inviting people over as no one wants to get into a house that doesn’t have basic hygiene. Ensure that you clear things as and when they come or as you are wrapping up. When you start preparing a meal, keep a track of the items you might be using and put them back once you are done. You could wash all the dirty utensils in advance rather than displaying a sink full of vessels making it very clear that you have been cooking all day long.

 Remember the ice packets: Never forget to have extra bags of ice. Close to 90 per cent of the time, the hosts forget to buy or set extra ice for drinks. Last minute running to a neighbour’s house or a local supermarket is something you really do not want to do. Always keep extra packs of ice as it might come handy. Ice does not get spoilt and if you have not used it all, you can keep it for later.

Dress to welcome: Finalise your dress for the evening a night before and set it aside. Allow yourself sufficient time to dress up and look presentable when your guests arrive. Nobody would enjoy running to the door with eyeliner on one eye and towel wrapped around your wet hair.

 Plan additional fun: Along with setting a playlist for some great music, plan a game as an icebreaker for your guests. There are a million options for on the Internet that are easy to follow and add a lot of fun and involve everybody around.

 Set the right temperature: Now that you have planned most of the things for the party, keep in mind that you set the temperatures right for the food and drinks. Set aside the drinks in the refrigerator and let them chill well. As for the food, keep it at room temperature as you would be warming it soon before you serve.

As far as the desserts go, it all depends on whether they are served cold or hot. For instance, if you are having gajar ki halwa or gulab jamun, you would not want to keep it in the fridge. You can set it aside so that once everyone is done with dinner, you can quickly warm it up slightly and serve. End your meal on the sweetest note.

If you follow through these points, you will realise that half your worries will vanish and you will have ample time for some rest and relaxation. Life is as easy as you make it; so plan ahead and you will never fail to amuse yourself with all the time you have to yourself to enjoy.

(The author is founder, funcart.in)

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