The aroma of tradition

Christmas delights

The aroma of tradition

The Christmas spirit is clearly in the air. While the stars are shining bright atop Christmas trees across the City delighting the eyes, the aroma of cakes and other goodies are rekindling one’s craving for the festive food.

Bakeries in the City say they have getting a number of pre-order calls. There are many who are visiting these places not just to buy Christmas goodies, but also to see the interesting decorations at these stalls.

Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, in Domlur, is known for innovating the art of baking. This festive season, with a number of eccentric and meaningful decorations adorning the place, it is attracting several visitors who are going gaga over its decor. Unlike the conventional gingerbread man who comes out during this season to delight his fans, they have installed a gingerbread plane (a 6 by 6 aircraft) hanging down the ceiling with the Christmas man, Santa Claus, flying the aircraft.

Says Vinesh Johny, co-founder at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, “Last year we had carved a traditional gingerbread village for Christmas season.

We wanted to craft something out-of-the-box this year and instead of Santa riding on his usual sleigh, we positioned him to fly a gingerbread plane!” There is no limitation to creativity as they have designed a special ‘Lavonne Christmas Express’— a chocolate train meticulously baked and crafted with Yuletide chocolate. To make the Christmas gifting a tasty affair, they have even  designed a ‘chocolate igloo’ made from Belgian chocolate and filled it with endless appetising Christmas goodies.  “Customers are delighted to see these edible treats and are rushing in to click selfies alongside them. We are also making macaroon pops with nine different kinds of sought-after chocolates and great demand is pouring in for these,” he adds.

While the freshmen in the baking industry are attracting customers for their quirky products, the old-timers in the business are not ignored by residents as Christmas involves following many religious traditions.

Fatima Bakery and Supermarket, in Richmond Town, has been alluring customers during this season for over 60 years now! There is no change or innovation in their menu, but it is the dutiful commitment to the traditional recipe of the plum cake, which does not fail to entice its regular and loyal customers. “Like every year, we have our home recipe baked plum cake, kalkal, rose cookies, mince pie, marzipan sweets and other fried delicacies. These traditional Christmas preparations never fail to delight our customers and they come in large numbers during this season to buy these goodies,” says VF David, owner of the bakery.

Another old timer in the City, All Saints Bakery and Departmental Store on Brigade Road, too has loyal customers who rush in during this season to grab traditional bakes including rose cookies and south Indian ‘murukku’. Says Annie, owner of the outlet, “People do not look for a change in our menu. Even if we alter the menu, they still come asking for the traditional Christmas goodies that they have been buying here for over four decades now.”

To keep up with these veterans, the not-so-old baking outlets are taking a more exotic route as Venkatesh Raghu, co-owner of Amande Patisserie, says, “We have decked up our place with Christmas decorations to delight customers. We have the traditional Christmas goodies like plum cake, gingerbread man and cookies, which have been given a new twist.”

The plum cake recipe is adapted from a French recipe and has a lot of dry fruits and candied fruits while the Christmas cookies have a sable base with exotic flavours like choco chip, hazelnut and vanilla

Be it traditional baking or a little twist in tradition, people are excited about the season and are experimenting with the numerous options available within the City with great enthusiasm.

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