Dine in the comfort of sand and palms

Don’t worry, TabulaRasa is here in a new beachy avatar that guarantees to transport you to your favourite beach vacation.

Opened in Asiad Village, the TabulaBeach Cafe is a cafe and bar and the perfect place to kickback and unwind with refreshing tropical coolers in one hand and delicious bites in the other. Bringing the radiant and energising aura of the beach, the cafe is all about creating a convivial and pleasant atmosphere far away from the chaos of the city outside.

It is like stepping into a beach shack amidst the city where the outdoor area comes with beach sand, Arica palms, lounge-friendly chairs along with the “Sunset Bar”, which adds to the ‘chill’ vibe.

There is also a separate dancing area that allows you to enjoy an evening with friends or just do your thing. And if your plans include a girls’ night out, make sure you check out their ‘Ladies Night’ every Tuesday with free summer cocktails and beer for ladies.

With music programmed by Tapan Raj of Midival Punditz, every night promises to turn up the madness. Some of the previous live acts at TabulaBeach Café include Gaurav Raina, BLOT, Reggae Rajahs, Flash Hardcore amongst many others.

Every Friday night promises to be eventful with DJs producing some great sounds. On Saturdays, you can dance and let your hair loose; hence they give you the “Top of the Chart Saturdays’ where your choice tracks are played all night long.

The space also promotes self-expression. Adorning the dance floor is the “free expression zone”, which has been hand-painted, subtly juxtaposed against the “Wall of Fame” – a platform where people can freely articulate themselves in whichever way they like. On Wednesdays they have ‘Karaoke Beach Party’, for you to sing along to some well known tunes.

However, if dancing and singing are not your style, there’s always the Beer Pong. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights enjoy a game of Beer Pong with your friends and get some great deals on beers.

The food is an assortment of lip-smacking sea food with sifting aromas which takes you right back to the beach.

The Beach Special Menu has interesting finger foods such as hand cut chips and loaded nachos, to the cheesiest poutiness (a Canadian dish with french fries and cheese curds topped with a gravy-like sauce) and spiciest wings with over eight levels of fierce (hot) sauces which are great accompaniments to your drinks. One can end the meal by trying out the gourmet desserts like The Ferrerorocher and Nut so Red Velvet cake (which is a rip off of the red velvet, it is nutty and brown).

Chilling at the Beach is never complete without a drink in hand. Choose from the extensive bar menu and have a cocktail or beer. If you’re feeling brave, a must try is a drink from the TabulaBeach Tankers section which are massive, sometimes up to your thighs.

An evening around town with friends should be only about having a good time;
that doesn’t involve spending hours getting dressed or ends with regretting your decision of wearing your 6 inch heels.

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