Light, space and installations

Known for one of India’s most visible public installation, ‘Sprouts’, a 40-feet-high stainless steel installation spread over six acres of greens at AIIMS Flyover in Delhi, Vibhor Sogani has made a strong mark in the areas of art and light-based installations.

His “passion” in exploring diverse materials like steel, brass, copper, bronze, stone and mixed media, coupled with a strong interest in fine art and urban aesthetics led to his “innovative expressions”. To house and showcase some of his works, Sogani has put together a 35,000 square feet new art and design studio.

Located in Ghitorni, the studio has his latest collection of four new light installations – “Orion, Infinity, Cube and Cascade”.

He tells Metrolife, “I was looking for an idle space with high ceilings and wide space. The construction and design of the studio is such that one installation can be seen without disturbing the others and there are over 60 indigenous designs showcased which is why I proudly say, each one is India produced.”

With cubes, triangles, crystals and round shapes in a colour play, the installations are a mix of light, space and technology. He says, “I have tried to keep an eclectic mix of rich Indian artisanal skills and new technology.

Each piece is handcrafted and is customised according to different spaces and requirements. The designs, contemporary in style, are often a blend of
different materials.”

While it took him two and a half years to produce the work displayed at the studio, he says that all the concepts are from multiple commissioned installation and design projects and art assignments.

“I have also included some of the famous event trophies including Samsung Cup (India‐ Pakistan Cricket Series in Pakistan –2004) and the PHL Trophy (Premier Hockey League).

Sogani was recently invited by the Prime Minister’s Office to showcase his works and installations in a show titled ‘Mahatma in me…’at the Mahatma Mandir, Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat during the events of Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas 2015, Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015 and Indinox 2015.

While pointing at the ‘fire ball’ which has a candle burning inside the cylindrical ball, he elucidates on his ideation process and tells Metrolife, “Inspiration comes from anywhere. You never know where it hits you. It’s a matter of how that inspiration remains with you and then translates into a visible product.”

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