'Cops' extort Rs 60K from couple for causing 'public nuisance'

Make them draw from 3 ATMs; man feared for safety of woman friend

Two fake policemen extorted Rs 60,000 in cash from a 27-year-old software engineer and his female colleague who had gone on an outing on Nice Road, off Bannerghatta Road in southeastern Bengaluru, on Saturday evening.

The fake policemen, wearing khaki trousers and black shirts, drove up a white Maruti Swift to the couple who had pulled in at the side of Nice Road around 7.15 pm. They asked the couple to come to the police station for “causing nuisance in public”. Varun, the software professional who is a resident of Nagarabhavi, said he tried to reason with the men but in vain.

The “policemen” then demanded bribe to let them go. Varun pleaded that he had no cash but they asked him to go to an ATM kiosk. One of them then got into Varun’s car and made him withdraw Rs 60,000 from three ATM kiosks in Thalaghattapura. His accomplice followed in the other car. The duo pocketed the money, lectured the couple not to repeat such “mistakes” and sped off.

Varun, however, sensed something suspicious about the duo and immediately went to the local Thalaghattapura police station to make a complaint. He told the police that he didn’t confront the duo because he feared for the safety of his woman colleague.

The police then went to the spot and made enquiries with local residents who confirmed having witnessed a white Maruti Swift pull in next to another car. They also confirmed two men talking to the couple and one of them getting into the car with them and his associate driving behind.

A senior police officer said, “We are getting different versions about the incident and are questioning Varun and his friend as to what exactly happened. They will be taken to the spot again and the crime scene recreated.”

The police are also trying to get the footage of CCTV cameras installed near the crime spot and on the route taken by the two cars. The CCTV footage from three ATM kiosks is also being obtained, the officer said. Varun told the police he was too shocked to memorise or note down the registration number of Maruti Swift. He said the suspects were aged around 20.

As of now, the case has been registered at the Thalaghattapura police station and will be transferred to the Hulimavu police station in a couple of days, the officer added.

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