MP district gives compensation to God

God is omnipresent, but the Rajgarh district administration doesn’t think so. The administration wants the God to be compensated for the land acquired by them for the proposed Mohanpura dam near village Banskhedi of the district.

The temple land near village Mandakheda is recorded under name of Lord Ram in the revenue land records in the district, said Kamlesh Bhargav, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Rajgarh.

According to the survey, the back waters of the Mohanpura dam would touch the Lord Ram temple, he said.

Thus, on the basis of survey, the land record of the Ram temple near village Mandakheda was sent to the government for compensation.

As there is no submission by anyone or any affidavit by trustees or priests of the temple, the Rajgarh district administration decided to award compensation for compulsory acquisition of temple land coming under submergence, said a senior district official.

The district administration issued a cheque of Rs 6 lakh on the name of Lord Ram on April 7, 2015 and issued a notice that if someone has any objection regarding compulsory acquisition of temple and its land, they can lodge their complaint in the office of SDM, Rajgarh in coming six-months.

As no one has lodged any complaint in the given time frame of six months, the Rajgarh administration will be depositing the compensation amount to the Department of Religious Trusts and Endowments.

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