Odd-even a 'movement', reassessment after Jan 15: Kejriwal

Odd-even a 'movement', reassessment after Jan 15: Kejriwal

Odd-even a 'movement', reassessment after Jan 15: Kejriwal

The odd-even scheme will not be permanently implemented, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today while making it clear that it may be enforced periodically when pollution level spikes.

He accused the Centre of trying to sabotage the scheme of road-rationing on the eve of its implementation by instigating the strike by bureaucrats.

"This will go on till January 15. Then we will stop it and reassess. Nowehere in the world is the scheme enforced permanently. It is practically not possible. Whenever pollution levels spike this is used as a weapon," Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister said the restrictions may again be invoked for few days in the next 2-3 months if pollution level sees a jump.

As per Delhi government's assessment, the plan has been "quite successful" and people in the national capital have largely accepted the restrictions with an "open mind", Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal explained that there would be a reassessment after the pilot plan ends on January 15 and that it would never be "permanently" implemented. It had assumed the form of a "movement" within few hours of its implementation from 8 AM in the morning, he said.

The Chief Minister made the remarks after the commencement of the radical scheme, which is aimed at mitigating spiralling air pollution levels with the stipulation today that private cars bearing odd-registration plates can ply on city roads.

Violators will have to shell out a penalty of Rs 2,000 under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act.