Wearing your words...

Wearing your words...

Wearing your words...
Nowadays every place you go, everything you eat, everything you stand up for is on the social media. It is your voice and your personality. Fashion is not far behind in this trend. In fact, it has been the voice of people since decades, but has now boomed with words. T-shirts with slogans and slangs are the coolest trends in clothing now. It not only makes a statement, but it also adds to your personality, making it a quirky addition to your wardrobe.

Many celebrities are seen making a fun statement by wearing words on their t-shirts while being photographed by the paparazzi. It’s time we add this fun fad to our wardrobe as well. Here are some ways of doing it in style:

n T-shirts: This is the easiest way to add this trend into your wardrobe. T-shirt with slangs and phrases are the coolest way to make a statement. These shirts are usually available in neutral colours with bold fonts. Pair it with light blue denims, shorts or wear it with a leather jacket or a semi-formal jacket to undertone it.

n Jumpers: Words printed on the front-side of a zipped jumper, that can be read only when fully zipped, is a perfect statement. It may sound underplayed, but is still very chic and daring.

n Crop tops: Crop tops have been in vogue for more than a year now and this addition is not only quirky, but also a fun outfit to work with. Wear your monochrome crop top with a floral print pencil skirt to make a statement without trying too hard.

n Sports or gym wear: Slogans are not only trendy on gym wear, but can be motivational too! T-shirts which say ‘Run’ or ‘Don’t quit’ not only make a statement, but also boost your energy while looking in the mirror at the gym.

n Bottoms: Big sports brands are taking this fad miles ahead by adding words on leggings and bottoms. Wear these with some caution though. Play it safe with neutral colours and minimal accessories.

n Caps: There has been a definite rise in the spotting of trendy caps. Words can be seen on them too. While wearing this trend on your cap, make sure the whole ensemble is laid-back and casual.

n Jewellery: Accessories are not far behind, when it comes to wordplay. Text pendants are an edgy addition to any ensemble. And they don’t  just include words in English. Hindi texts and slogans are a big hit as well. Bring out the inner Bollywood lover in you and sport famous catchphrases through your accessories.

n Shoes: Shoes can make or break any look. They not only complete an outfit, but also make a statement in themselves. While wearing shoes with graffiti words on it, make sure the outfit is simple and complimenting the footwear.

Celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas alike are having fun with words. Aren’t you tempted to wear your words too?

Working logo tees
We love a good throwback in our fashion. Especially when the throwback comes from our favourite decade of the ages — the Nineties! And of late, we’ve been seeing so many of our favourite 90s staples coming back in newly interpreted, more awesome avatars, that we could never quite have enough of. Take for example, the crop top, the overalls, the elastic chokers, plaid and now….the logo tees!

Here go a few cool ways of working those logo tees:
n With an embellished pencil skirt: This look is mind blowing. A day out with a metallic pencil skirt (nailing the metallic trend too), an oversized envelope clutch, a badass arm party and a scarlet pout — just started looking a whole lot more appealing. Just add colour pop pointy pumps to the outfit and voila we’re good to go.

n With a full midi skirt: Effortlessly amazing, the styling can transport us to fashion heaven. It’s the type of outfit that works just as well on a casual day out as it does during the evening.

n With boyfriend jeans: It might be a safe bet — pairing your logo tee with tattered boyfriend jeans and boots — but the results can be amazing nonetheless.

n With shorts and a blazer: Indian weather seldom allows for this combo, but in these transition weeks when it’s still a bit nippy out, and there’s clear sunshine, there’s nothing more chic than pairing a blazer with tee and shorts. And if that tee is a logo tee, you know you’ll be nailing the trend and looking a tad anti-establishment at the same time. Add a hint of bling with a necklace and multiple rings, a scarlet pout and shades and you’re ready to rock this glam-grunge look.

n With grungy leather pants: By now you know that glam sports is a massive trend this season. So, why not wear your ultra-glam skinny leather pants with a logo tee?

Ankle strap shoes and a metallic cuff bracelet will ensure that your look is versatile enough to take you through the day with oodles of style.

(Nikitha is a Bengaluru-based  fashion designer and Tanvi is the co-founder, FabAlley.com)