Woman, lover kill her aged in-laws to hide affair

Woman, lover kill her aged in-laws to hide affair

Woman, lover kill her aged in-laws to hide affair

To conceal her extra-marital affair, a 24-year-old woman and her lover, a jawan in the Army, hacked her in-laws to death and attempted to murder her husband. But alert neighbours caught the duo and handed them over to the police.

The incident took place in AKG Colony in Kadugodi on Monday evening.

The deceased couple was identified as Kannan, 70 and his wife Manoramani, 65. The police arrested Durga and Anji, 23, who is currently posted in Punjab, for the crime.

Kannan and Manoramani, who hail from Vellore, were fruit vendors while their son Manikantan, 34, works as a lab technician in a private company in Electronics City. Durga and Manikantan were married eight years ago and have a seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Anji and Durga were relatives.

A year ago, they started having an affair. They were in constant touch and used to talk over mobile phones. Kannan and Manoramani got to know about their relationship and warned Durga to stay away from Anji, said the police.

Durga informed Anji that her in-laws had got to know about their affair and that is when they planned to elope. On Sunday, Anji came down to the City from Delhi and spent the night at the Kadugodi railway station.

On Monday, around 11 am, after everyone left for work, Anji went to Durga’s house. Kannan came back home around 11.30 am and found them in a compromising position.
Anji and Durga were shocked to see Kannan and fearing that they would be reprimanded, Anji took a machete and hacked Kannan to death.

They hid the body under the cot in the bedroom. Around 12.30 pm, when Manoramani came home, they killed her too and dumped her body next to that of her husband. They cleaned up the blood stains on the floor.

“Around 7 pm, Manikantan returned home. But there was a power cut. Around 7.30 pm, when the power supply resumed, he went inside the bedroom to get the mobile phone charger. As he entered, Anji kicked him on the chest and hit his head with the machete. Manikantan ducked and was hit on the neck. He ran out of the house screaming,” said a senior police officer.

The neighbours, who heard the commotion rushed there and found Manikantan bleeding.
They noticed Anji and Durga trying to flee the spot. They nabbed them and handed them over to the police.