Tomato leads in yet another surge in vegetable prices

Tomato leads in yet another surge in vegetable prices

Tomato leads in yet another surge in vegetable prices

The prices of vegetables have skyrocketed yet again, burning a big hole in the pockets of consumers. Tomato leads the surge, with a kilo of the vegetable costing around Rs 60 a kilo.

Wholesale vegetable dealers in Bengaluru say that tomatoes are procured from Hoskote, Mandya and Kolar and the supply had declined in the past 15 days.

Shoaib Akmal, a trader from Kalasipalyam, said that the farmers had been complaining of low yield of tomato, cucumber and okra.

“The rise is in the range of 35 to 40 per cent and the price will remain stagnant for another one month. There was incessant rainfall in Mandya and surrounding areas in November and the farmers suffered crop loss. We procure brinjal and okra from Chennai mostly. But, the crop there too has been destroyed owing to recent floods.

The short supply and increase in demand has triggered price hike,” Akmal said.
Along with vegetables, the price of coriander leaves too has gone up.

According to the comparative report procured from Horticultural Producers Co-operative Marketing and Processing Society (Hopcoms), a week ago,
coriander leaves used to cost Rs 30 per kilo and on Friday, the price was fixed at Rs 38.

Among greens, the prices of Sabakki and parsley have increased from Rs 38  to Rs 45 and Rs 180 to  Rs 225 per kilo, respectively.

Spiralling vegetable prices have upset the household budget.

Shocking hike
Saritha Menon, a resident of Hennur, said that she was surprised on finding from a retailer that tomatoes cost Rs 60 per kilo.

“Already the hike of milk price has affected us and now yet another shock,” she added.